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First Time Trying Kava? Botanic Tonics is Here to Help

Trying kava for the first time can be a unique experience. You may have researched kava online and found all kinds of descriptions of what it’s like. Some call it calming, energizing, invigorating, and euphoric. There are many ways to describe kava, but it’s best experienced first-hand to truly understand all its benefits.  Botanic Tonics formulates their kava drink, dubbed "feel free" wellness tonic, to offer the ultimate kava experience for beginners and kava lovers alike. When kava is made with care, you end up with a high-quality product that can deliver incredible results. So, as you take your first steps into the world of kava, here are a few things to keep in mind. From the Earth When you...

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Make the Most of Your Summer with Botanic Tonics’ Kava Botanic Tonics Helps You Redefine Summer Adventure with Kava

As we arrive at the peak of summer, people want to get the absolute most out of their time in the sun. They may have taken time off of work to partake in some of their favorite outdoor summer activities. They want to get moving and feel great. Botanic Tonics’ kava beverage, feel free wellness tonic, is an exceptional companion to just about any summer adventure and here’s why.

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Busy Day? 4 Excellent Ways to Wind Down 4 Ways to Turn a Chaotic Day into a Calm Night

You’ve just returned home after a chaotic day. There were several moments throughout the afternoon when you wondered whether the day was ever going to end. But it finally has and now you’re ready to unwind. It’s time to get out of the “go, go, go” mindset and into a more comfortable frame of mind. What will you do to relax? Will you grab the latest thriller you ordered online? Will you try that kava kava drink your friends have been raving about? If you’re ready to wind down after a busy, here are four ways that can’t be beat.  Read—The Old-Fashioned Way When you think of reading, you might think of reading on your phone, tablet, or computer. When...

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Here’s to a Better Night’s Sleep With Kava

 Can Kava Transform Your Sleep for the Better? Has sleep turned into a precious commodity for you? For many people, getting consistently good sleep, night after night, is little more than a dream. Many people report having difficulty sleeping every night, and even those who are able to stick to a consistent sleep schedule might still experience insufficient sleep from time to time. The truth is that losing sleep can take a toll, and unsurprisingly, the problem is only getting worse. This lack of sleep negatively impacts our daily lives. It slows us down physically, mentally, and emotionally. It dulls our senses, and we become less alert and able to think clearly. It can bring our mood down and affect...

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Origins of Kava: Finding Wellness in Nature

Though traditional medicinal plants like kava are causing a stir in the western world of medical science, it’s important to remember that people have been using these plants long before the advent of modern medicine.  Today, drinking kava provides a way for inhabitants of the Pacific Islands to connect to their ancient roots and feel gratitude for the nature around them. In this modern world, it’s easy to forget about nature’s role in our wellness. Kava is a good reminder that we need to get out in nature and take care of it, because it takes care of us, boosts our mood, and frees our minds–-as it has for millennia.   Kava in the Pacific In the Pacific Islands, kava has...

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