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Enhance Your Study Session with a Kava Drink From Botanic Tonics

School is back in session. Whether it’s your first semester of college or you’re back for another year, you know one thing that lies ahead—studying. And a whole lot of it. So, to help you study, Botanic Tonics has created the Feel Free Wellness Tonic, a kava drink that can enhance your focus and productivity. Here’s why it’s such a big deal.

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4 Reasons Why Every College Student Needs a Kava Drink

The college semester has started. A kava drink might just be the perfect college beverage. That’s a bold statement, for sure. But kava does what a lot of other drinks don’t. So, skip those sugary energy drinks with artificial ingredients, say goodbye to too much coffee, and even kick the alcoholic drinks to the curb. Here’s why every college student needs a kava drink in their lives.  

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The Botanic Tonics Merch You Need in Your Life

When you’re a fan of something, you love to show it off. You have all kinds of T-shirts, hats, and jackets that tell the world who you are. From pop culture to sports, you have every angle covered. You’re out there representing what you love. Botanic Tonics is here to help you add to your collection. Here’s a look at a few pieces of kava merch offered by Botanic Tonics.

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Looking for a New Alcohol Replacement? 3 Drinks to Try

 You’re trying to cut alcoholic beverages out of your day, but you want something in their place. When you want to give up alcohol for a month or for good, having an alcohol alternative at the ready can be hugely beneficial. It gives you something else to reach for and keeps you preoccupied in a sense. Here’s a look at three alcohol alternatives worth your attention.

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3 Effective Ways to Chill Out After a Hectic Work Week

The work week ends, and you’re done. We all have those kinds of weeks from time to time. No matter the reason behind your hectic work week, there’s one thing you want to do: chill out. What can you do that’s simple and effective (because you don’t need to add more to your week)? It may be as easy as grabbing some kava and then going from there.  

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