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Botanic Tonics Brings Kava to Your ‘Mellow Out’ Routine

We all need a “mellow-out” routine—a way to decompress and shed ourselves of daily tensions. Botanic Tonics formulated their Feel Free wellness tonic to help people accomplish just this. Their herbal wellness tonic is made from kava and other ancient plants blended to help you find your mellow. If you’ve been searching for a way to get more out of your daily decompression, kava may hold the key.

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3 Calming Ingredients to Help You Find Your Center

Summary 2: Calming your mind can be a challenge. A cup of tea, however, can help bring you that calm. But not just any tea will do. There are several herbs and roots that when enjoyed as tea or other drink blends, can help bring us back down to earth. Kava is one example. As a drink, it provides you with a path to greater relaxation and mindfulness, but it’s only the beginning.   

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Social Events are a Breeze with Kava and Botanic Tonics

Who doesn’t want to knock it out of the park at any social gathering? While some people reach for an alcoholic beverage, Botanic Tonics offers a different solution: kava. Kava is a plant used as the key ingredient of Botanic Tonics’ feel free wellness tonic. Drink it in place of alcohol and reap the benefits, including feeling more sociable without the hangover later, and much, much more!

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Redefine Your Lifestyle with Kava and Botanic Tonics

Kava is a unique plant. Bottled by Botanic Tonics, they took the root of this and other ancient plants to create a drink that complements just about any lifestyle. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or kick-back-and-relaxer, or somewhere in between, kava is right there with you. Learn how it can become a part of your day and how it can make a positive difference in whatever you’re into.

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The Many Benefits of Drinking Kava

Many people want to know if kava is safe to drink. As the beverage grows in popularity, there are many questions that go right along with it. What are the benefits? What are the side effects? It turns out there are many benefits! It helps you feel focus, calm, and much more. As for the side effects? Fewer than you might think! Read on to find out more.

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