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Why Botanic Tonics Kava Drink Is a Must-Try Social Lubricant

When it comes to social lubrication, many people reach for an alcoholic beverage. Of course, alcoholic beverages come with their downsides. They can leave you feeling less than stellar. Thankfully, there’s a way around these downsides and all it takes is Botanic Tonics’ Feel Free Wellness Tonic, a 2-ounce shot of kava and other ancient plants that give you the social lubrication you want without feeling like you’ve gone overboard.  

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This is Why Botanic Tonics’ Kava Drink Is a Reliable Alcohol Alternative

Finding a reliable alcohol alternative is something a lot of us have been after for years. It used to be the subject of science fiction, but no more! Finally, there is an alcohol alternative that has earned its status as reliable: Botanic Tonics’ Feel Free Wellness Tonic. Yes, it comes with a delightfully long name, and here’s why it’s the reliable beverage you’ve been looking for.

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4 Ways to Incorporate Kava Into Your Lifestyle

People have utilized kava for thousands of years. It can help promote feelings of relaxation and euphoria, while smaller servings can help you focus on important tasks. Adding kava to your daily routine can help you stay on track and feel relaxed while doing it. Here are some fun and practical ways that you can incorporate kava into your lifestyle. 

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The Benefits of Using Kava as an Alcohol Alternative

Change is hard, and that includes changing yourself for the better. This includes cutting alcohol. It may be your goal, as well. If that’s the case, there is an excellent alcohol alternative on the market with the potential to make your journey easier called kava. Here’s how to take advantage of kava as you work on bettering yourself and improving your well-being. 

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Jumpstart Your Hobbies with Kava Kava and Botanic Tonics

The start of a new year is the perfect time to start a new hobby—or get back into a hobby gone by the wayside. There’s nothing like spending quality time doing what you love. But did you know you can get more out of your favorite hobbies with a kava drink? Botanic Tonics makes it easy with their Feel Free Wellness Tonic. Bring a new dimension to your hobbies.  

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