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Little Rituals by feel free

Tips on how to let the feel free flow during covid times Turn the mundane into the sacred by navigating your day with little rituals. Allow the little things to help you feel free. Washing dishes can be a sensory rendezvous in itself. Boiling water becomes a meditative moment and a chance to practice patience. Walking to the store the long way to get more fresh air rather than driving a car. These instances all become little rituals.  Everyday we are given a field filled with actions that must be taken. Some feel like obstacles that we have to leap over. Incorporate better for your products and turn to these offerings, even during the  coronavirus pandemic. Use these wellness tips to create...

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A growing sober-curious movement is the next big trend. Looking for an alcohol alternative for social occasions? Botanic tonics has the solution with feel free plant based tonic.

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Presence in the time of the Coronavirus

Review of Feel Free Botanic Tonics By Mario Jesus Ordoñez-Calderón  Photo:  https://www.instagram.com/marrioo/ Mario Ordonez is an avid traveler and advocate for people of color in the surf community of San Diego. Mario was directly affected by the coronavirus when his grandfather Gilberto Calderon died on Wednesday May 5th due to Coronavirus complications. Gilberto was 82 years old and the day before dying of COVID-19, he was repairing bicycles as the one and only bike mechanic in his town of Muna, Yucatan, Mexico.  Gilberto was born, raised and died in Muna Mexico, a man of great dignity and hard work who gave his life, his all.  Although tragically impacted by the  times we are facing today, Mario sheds light on how...

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