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Take a Break from Alcohol - Drink Feel Free

Take a Break from Alcohol - Drink Feel Free Even if you don’t live on one of the scattered, tiny Pacific islands, you might have heard about the plant called Kava (Piper methysticum). Right now, it’s all the rage in the sober community that is steadily growing at a rapid pace. People are becoming highly interested in drinking kava and other ancient plants. In this one-speed, fast paced, social media hyped world we live in, people want a reason to go back to nature and hold on to ancient cultures. From millennials to baby boomers, people are searching for a natural way to have fun and relax that doesn’t involve taking drugs or drinking alcohol. If you can relate, feel...

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a note from us.

The root from the Pacific Islands has long believed to promote calm feelings by quieting stubborn ailments like anxiety, stress, insomnia and headaches. While the coffee-like leaf, on the other hand, boasts mild psychotropic effects that enhance energy, relaxation, pleasure, sociability and alternates. 

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Baby Steps to Sustainability

It’s no secret that the words ‘sustainable’ and ‘eco friendly’ have been thrown around more and more within the retail sphere in recent years. But what do these terms ACTUALLY mean? These sound pretty intimidating to work towards if you haven't done any research into the reasons WHY our everyday lives are so, frankly, unsustainable. I am here to tell you that being more eco friendly in your daily life is not that intimidating, and there are several small steps you can take right now in order to move towards a more sustainable way of living. STOP buying plastic water bottles. Seriously...stop it. This bottle most likely isn't ending up in the recycling plant that you had hoped for. It’s...

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Little Rituals by feel free

Tips on how to let the feel free flow during covid times Turn the mundane into the sacred by navigating your day with little rituals. Allow the little things to help you feel free. Washing dishes can be a sensory rendezvous in itself. Boiling water becomes a meditative moment and a chance to practice patience. Walking to the store the long way to get more fresh air rather than driving a car. These instances all become little rituals.  Everyday we are given a field filled with actions that must be taken. Some feel like obstacles that we have to leap over. Incorporate better for your products and turn to these offerings, even during the  coronavirus pandemic. Use these wellness tips to create...

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