Why Botanic Tonics Kava Drink Is a Must-Try Social Lubricant


When it comes to “social lubrication,” many people tend to reach for an alcoholic beverage. It might be something bottled, something mixed, or something straight up. No matter the choice of drink, however, the goal is the same: to feel more sociable and to be more engaged in a social setting. Of course, alcoholic beverages come with their downsides. They can leave you feeling less than stellar later on, and they’re packed with calories. Thankfully, there’s a way around these downsides and all it takes is a change of drink. Enter Botanic Tonics’ Feel Free Wellness Tonic—a 2-ounce shot of kava drink and other ancient plants that give you the social lubrication you want without feeling like you’ve gone overboard. 

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Feel More Vibrant and Engaging 

For many, social gatherings can be a source of nerves. It doesn’t matter if you’re extroverted or introverted. Of course, we all approach social gatherings differently. You may genuinely want to be there and engage with friends and new acquaintances, but your nerves hold you back. As an alcohol-free alcohol alternative drink, kava can put a damper on those nerves. Take a drink of Botanic Tonics’ Feel Free Wellness Tonic and let it lift you up. It won’t be long until you feel more vibrant and ready to engage with others. Let the barriers come down! 

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It’s Never Been Easier to Drink Responsibly 

In a social setting, it can be easy to drink more than you intended or expected. One or two drinks can turn into four or five before you know it. Hard drinks can leave your senses (and judgment) impaired and take you past the point where they serve as an effective social lubricant. If you want to avoid this, skip the “one or two” drinks entirely. Botanic Tonics’ kava drink helps you get the results you want without the risk of taking it too far. You can drink responsibly, have a good time, and you won’t end up impaired by the end of it. 

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Kava Is All It Takes

Can you mix kava with alcohol? This is a common question people ask when using a kava drink as an alcohol alternative. This isn’t recommended. Botanic Tonics’ Feel Free Wellness Tonic can serve as an alcohol alternative, but its benefits as an alternative can be diminished when alcohol is introduced into the mix. The kava drink is best served on its own so you can get the most out of it. After all, the idea is to avoid the downsides that come with drinking hard beverages. So, when you want to experience the social lubrication effects of alcohol, but you don’t want to deal with the negatives, all it takes is a 2-ounce shot of the Feel Free Wellness Tonic—and that’s it! Read about all the benefits of kava and the differences of kava vs alcohol on your body. 

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