Try Dry January With Feel Free

By Roger Porter

With Dry January on the horizon, thousands take on the challenge of abstaining from drinking for the first month of the new year. Those who have conquered the challenge speak of better sleep, concentration and overall health. Is it time for you to give Dry January a shot?

But what if all the benefits of Dry January came in a tiny blue bottle? I’m talking about feel free, the best alcohol alternative made from natural ingredients already used in various beverages and products found all around the world. One swig of this elixir, which comes in a tiny blue bottle as mentioned above, melts away the occasional stress and occasional anxiety and you are well on your way to a harmonious and productive day. Feel Free is the perfect sober January companion.

feel free alcohol alternative party

If feel free sounds too good to be true, a closer look reveals its true nature: the main ingredient, kava, comes from plants found in South Pacific islands. For centuries, Polynesian people have dried the roots of the plant and used them in beverages like tea and served during ceremonies and social gatherings. As such, the blend of kava, sourced from 100% all natural leaves and roots, and without any additives or synthetic substances, produces the feel free concoction that pairs well with a Dry January and beyond.

an herbal alternative to alcohol - feel free

The benefits of Dry January are twofold: better health and lasting habits long after January is over. Don’t believe me? A recent article published in the Washington Post highlights a study that found people who participated in Dry January were more likely to cut back on alcohol consumption throughout the year. Once participants reduced their drinking and witnessed the long-term positive effects, they in turn continued to drink less, creating a sustained loop of success.

“It becomes a reinforcing message instead of a punishing message,” said Richard de Visser, a psychologist at Brighton and Sussex Medical School in England who has studied what happens to people who participate in Dry January. “Instead of public health people wagging their fingers and saying, ‘Don’t drink, it’s bad for you,’ people do it and say, ‘I didn’t realize how good I would feel.’ They often don’t realize how much stopping drinking will improve their sleep, or their concentration, or even just their levels of energy in the morning.”

The best part of feel free may be that it is alcohol-free, which also makes it the right fit to go with your Dry January. Try feel free as a coffee replacement in the morning, an energy booster that doesn’t give you the crash after lunch that caffeine does. Or give feel free a go in a mocktail at your upcoming Dry January event and dance the night away without the hangover blues the next day. The benefits that come from a Dry January are enhanced by feel free because of its all-natural ingredients, sans alcohol or caffeine.

feel free for breakfast

Those who partake in Dry January also report a sense of accomplishment and power over their decisions. “The objective of Dry January is not long-term sobriety — it’s long-term control,” said Richard Piper, the CEO of Alcohol Change UK, a British nonprofit that started Dry January a decade ago. “It’s about understanding your subconscious triggers, overcoming those, and learning how good it is not to drink. It gives you the power of choice for the rest of the year.” Feel Free serves to enhance that choice – whether it’s for the long-haul or one month out of the year.

This January, consider a month without alcohol. Pair it with feel free - the best alcohol alternative supplement for caffeine-free energy and alcohol-free social lubrication – to keep all the excitement of life without the downside of alcohol and see a whole new you take shape.