The Many Benefits of Drinking Kava

Is Drinking Kava Safe?

kava leaf
The story of kava began in the South Pacific centuries ago. The plant was first cultivated by seafaring cultures throughout dozens of islands scattered between New Guinea, Vanuatu, and Fiji. The root of the kava plant was dried and often turned into a tea or similar drink. The drink was known to be calming. 

From Then to Now

Hundreds of years later, we have a better understanding as to why kava (also called kava kava) may help calm the mind and induce a feeling of bilss. It’s due to compounds found in the plant: kavalactones. Kavalactones can produce feelings of calm and bliss.
What are the benefits? Does it have side effects? The short answer is yes! It is safe to drink (after all, people have been drinking it for centuries)! And it comes with plenty of benefits and few side effects. Always check with your doctor or medical professional on any questions you have related to your own personal situations.  Here’s what that really means.

The Benefits of Kava

The benefits that come with drinking kava are well documented. There are accounts of its use going back hundreds of years with no known accounts of the kava being harmful to those who enjoyed it. Today, it’s used as a safe, effective, and natural way to recenter the mind and body. 
Kava can help to increase focus and perception. Many people drink kava right before working out or engaging in their favorite physical activities. It’s especially popular among hikers and rock climbers. Many people who enjoy it report being able to focus on the activity better. They see details that they may have missed in the past. Or they feel more aware of their surroundings. It enhances the experience.
Kava consumption can include feelings of calming and relaxation. For those looking to chill out after a long day at work or just a busy day in general, kava works wonders. Drink a little kava before cracking open a new book or catching up on your new favorite show. Or enjoy kava as you slip into the bath with a bath bomb surrounded by a few candles. In a matter of minutes, your day will melt away.
 A lot of people use kava for chill. This goes right along with kava’s calming properties. As it calms, it also helps you take control of your occasional stress. When you’ve got too much on your mind, it can be hard to feel like yourself and kava can help you find the balance that’s been missing.

The Side Effects of Kava

The good news is, there are virtually no side effects that come with drinking kava. Even the World Health Organization agrees! The bad news is, well, there isn’t any! This is one of the many reasons why kava is growing in popularity outside of the South Pacific and Southeast Asia. People are discovering the benefits and realizing just how awesome kava is. As a kava drink, it’s quickly becoming an alternative for alcohol. After all, who doesn’t want to feel great without any of the same side effects?

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