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feel free wellness tonic

Euphoric Kava Drink

feel free wellness tonic

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2oz(60ml) bottles

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A Euphoric Drink Made with Kava

Our feel good wellness tonic is a kava drink made with kava kava and other ancient plants known to help with anxiety, productivity, focus and so much more! These plant hail from the South Pacific and Southeast Asia, where they’ve been used socially and in wellness for centuries.

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Benefits of Our Non-Alcoholic Kava Drink

feel free is a Botanic Tonics proprietary blend of euphoric bliss!

- Enjoy for productivity enhancement and focus 

- Enjoy as a non-alcoholic drink substitute to help with occasional stress

- Enjoy as a euphoric drink when hanging out with friends

Customer Reviews

Based on 153 reviews
Marisa S.
I love it, very relaxing and a good happy vibe.

I really like this product, you must shake it very, very well. The first time I tried it I didn’t shake it well enough and did feel much effect then I noticed the sludge in the bottom of the bottle… whoops!

Anjalie A.
Happiness in a Bottle

Love Love this! Can take half a bottle before I do work and if i wanna go out and not drink I take a whole one. Feel amazing and energized.

Anthony C.
Like a Meditative state

As a first time user I was taken back by the taste but wowed by the feeling!
Peace, calming and feeling of "I can deal with anything" was my experience!
Currently in the process of seeing how it effects my overall recovery and sleep!

Roger D.
This stuff is ZEN..!

For me, Feel Free to allows me balance the many stresses of working in corporate America without drinking every night. I love this stuff!!

John M.

Great stuff for the middle of the day when it gets sluggish

Django J.R.F.
Better than Expected

Quite alcohol 6 years ago...Tried various "euphoric" cocktails before like kineuphorics but this has surpassed anything I've tried so far. You're not going to get buzzed but you do feel uplifted or "euphoric" if you will. Personally, I use it to power through a long day or a labor intensive day. It seems to make work recreational. It cranks me up like caffeine does. I did pop a bottle for a social function and seems to have a nootropic effect as well. Could be in my head not sure but it's a life boost imo. I hope this helps! Learned of it from a Greenfield podcast. I like 3/4 bottle to start and finish the other 1/4 several hours later. Customer service is on point to. I've noticed zero dependance issues on this product. I'd compare it to caffeine use...just a little more expensive.


Feel Free is the most amazing supplement! It get's me outa my head and allows me to be fully in the present moment, allowing me to keep sustained focus, with elevated energy and mood. I'm once again eager to take on projects I was avoiding. I feel like my joyful self again - only better. I'm a small woman. I take ⅓ of the bottle in the morning and sometimes take the second third of a bottle mid day. So grateful I found this product!

Anthony D.

I can only say amazing. This is an amazing product.