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feel free wellness tonic
feel free wellness tonic

Euphoric Kava Drink

feel free wellness tonic

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2oz(60ml) bottles


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A Euphoric Drink Made with Kava

Our feel good wellness tonic is a kava drink made with kava kava and other ancient plants from the South Pacific and Southeast Asia, where they’ve been used socially and in wellness for centuries.

An extremely euphoric drink that is also non-alcoholic, Feel Free Wellness Tonic is known to provide a ton of benefits highlighted below. Order a monthly subscription today and receive 43% off your 12-pack of kava drinks!

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Benefits of Our Non-Alcoholic Kava Drink

feel free is a Botanic Tonics proprietary blend of euphoric bliss!

- Enjoy as a kava based herbal tonic during the day

- Enjoy as a non-alcoholic drink substitute to help with anxiety

- Enjoy as a euphoric drink when hanging out with friends

Customer Reviews

Based on 140 reviews
Britaney G.
Nothing but a good product

I love feel free. It's the greatest thing I have ever encountered. Whether for a pick me up or to relax, it does the job for both. I will be a long time customer.

Nicole G.
Couldn’t try it

I was bummed. I got mine and realized it had pineapple juice in it and I’m super allergic. I gave what I bought away thought and everyone I gave some to loved it.

The best!!!!

This is the absolute best remedy for pain as well as a great way to get stuff done without the jitters. This stuff should be prescribed to patients especially while there is such a need for calm and happiness!

Pete H.
The perfect tonic

I use this supplement at night time and prior to studying. Really enjoy the benefits of reduced agitation and stress. I find this product keeps me calm and more focused.

Randall w.
good feelings

I've tried many nutritional supplements and this by far is the one I can actually notice and get benefits from. What a pleasant feeling! I'm up to two-three per day and feel much better than I have in years--and I'm a pretty active guy.
Just to be clear, I could get by on one per day but I'm finding only positive results and no side effects from my more than one.

Christine Q.

This calms my overwhelming nerves and helps with my past injuries from a motorcycle accident! I ordered two bottles to try and wished I had more.. couple sips throughout the day is enough for me! Thanks for a great product

Michael J.
Perfect Substitute for Alcohol

I tried this for the first time today and started off with a half bottle. After about 15 minutes I could feel noticeable euphoria with a happy buzz! If you're trying to cut back or quit alcohol but want a drink that helps take the edge off - this is it!

David R.

I like the way I feel when I drink these. Started with half bottle doses, working my way up. Slept well too!