How to Create the Most Relaxing Alcohol-Free Evening Possible

How to Create the Most Relaxing Alcohol-Free Evening Possible

5 Tips for the Most Relaxing Evening Possible Without Alcohol


Unwinding after a long day of work is more than just a pleasant way to spend your evening. Making time to slow down, decompress, and relax is essential for your well-being. There is, however, a long societal tradition of making alcohol a key part of your evening relaxation process. The more it becomes clear that regular drinking can become problematic, the more people are eager to move away from alcohol as an evening staple. Thankfully, strategies ranging from focusing on your favorite hobby to kicking back with natural plant solutions like kratom can help you create the ultimate relaxing, alcohol-free evening.

Lean Into Your Favorite Hobby

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There’s no question that being bored or facing several hours with nothing to occupy your time is not conducive to a nice, relaxing evening. Being occupied with something you enjoy, however, is food for the soul. So, dedicate a portion of your evening to your favorite hobby. If you like nothing more than to kick your feet up with a great novel, make it happen. If you’re a film buff, watch one of your favorite movies. Additionally, consider trying out a new hobby you’ve been interested in, like making model airplanes or playing tabletop games with friends.

Consider Mixing Up a Mocktail

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A lot of people who are actively cutting back on alcohol are surprised to find out that, for them, the ritual associated with alcohol is just as important as the alcoholic drink itself—if not more important. The ritual of pouring a drink, mixing a cocktail, or cracking open a beer after dinner is a nightly routine many people consistently look forward to. So, instead of pouring yourself a cocktail, mix up a delicious mocktail to enjoy instead. Or, you can even enjoy a non-alcoholic beer. That way, your routine stays the same, just without the alcohol.


Try a Kava Tonic

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Kava is similar to kratom in a number of ways. Namely, it is an ancient plant that is being rediscovered, resulting in a boom of kava bars and kava tonics available across the country. Also like kratom, kava is used to promote a soothing feeling, sociability, and sense of contentment, but with a natural boost of invigoration from smaller servings. Why not experience what kava can do for your alcohol-free evening? It may be the new key to a more relaxed, contented evening.

Create an Atmosphere of Soothing Peace

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Considering how important relaxing and unwinding are for your health and well-being, it is worth dedicating part of your home to relaxation, even if it’s just a room. Create a sanctuary in your home to optimize relaxation. That includes installing comfortable chairs or the most comfortable bed and décor that contributes to a calming sense of peace. Set up speakers to play white noise or soothing music. Incorporate aromatherapy, whether that means an essential oil diffuser or incense. Dim the lights if it helps, and then kick back in your sanctuary of comfortable peace and calm. Talk about a relaxing even, and alcohol-free at that.

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