Experience a Safe and Effective Drink From Botanic Tonics

Experience a Safe and Effective Drink From Botanic Tonics


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When you see ingredients in a drink you are unfamiliar with, you might have questions. Is this drink safe? Is it addictive? What kind of experience will I have? These are all critical questions to ask, especially if you’re new to the world of kava. One company that makes a kava drink, Botanic Tonics, crafts their drinks with the goal of helping people find bliss and calm that comes with enjoying kava. So, as you begin your experience with kava, let’s jump into a few questions and explore the answers! 

Is Kava Safe? 

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Absolutely! Kava has been enjoyed by cultures throughout the South Pacific for generations. They’ve used it as a social drink and in all kinds of rituals—including celebrating new leaders, weddings, and cultural holidays. Because kava has been incorporated into drinks for so long, its history is relatively well documented. That includes its safety. When you enjoy a kava tonic, you don’t have to worry about side effects. The same can be said of Botanic Tonics’ kava drink, the feel free Tonic. It’s made with kava and other ancient plants, so when you enjoy it as a shot, you can just kick back and relax. 

Is Kava Addictive? 

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As an ingredient in tea or Botanic Tonics’ feel free Tonic, kava isn’t addictive. But it’s important to remember that anything that helps you feel good can influence some level of dependence. Think sugar or caffeine. Many of us enjoy these substances every day. You may enjoy the sweetness that sugar adds to your favorite drinks or desserts. You may love the way caffeine wakes you up in the morning. And you may find that you love how the feel free Tonic makes you feel at the end of a long week. That feeling of bliss and relaxation can be a powerful one! Just like sugar or caffeine, you can get the most out of Botanic Tonics’ feel free Tonic when you enjoy it in moderation.

What Is the Kava Experience Like?

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This one’s tougher to answer. It can vary from person to person. For some, they experience a sense of calm or relaxation. It’s a bit like that feeling you get after you’ve completed a big project, and you can’t stop admiring your hard work. There’s a sense of relief that comes with it. It’s a sense of joy or happiness that can seemingly push away other feelings like occasional anxiety or frustration. Kava can create a nuanced experience, as can Botanic Tonics’ feel free Tonic. From bliss to calm, the bottom line is you can count on a positive kava experience.


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