How Kava Can Transform Your Sleep for the Better

Trouble Sleeping? Kava Is Here to Help

How Kava Can Transform Your Sleep for the Better 


Kava is widely acclaimed for its calming properties. When you drink it as a tea or herbal tonic it brings about a sense of calm—just minutes after drinking—and slowly elevates your mood to a state of what many people describe as bliss. As the feeling wanes, many people start to feel sleepy. While it’s relatively easy to power through this feeling of sleepiness, you can take advantage of it instead. If you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or wake up feeling tired, kava may be worth exploring. Here’s how it can help transform your sleep. 

The Struggle with Sleep 

Many people struggle with sleep for a host of reasons. Sleep issues are incredibly common. For some, it’s related to occasional stress. They may have a lot on their minds, or they are unable to quiet their minds before bed. These intrusive thoughts may last an hour or longer—even well into the night. Sleep issues may also be traced to our daily habits, such as caffeine consumption later in the day (or in elevated quantities), lack of proper nutrition, lack of exercise, or too much screen time. It’s easy to fall into habits that disrupt our sleep without realizing what we’re doing. Then, when it’s time for bed, our minds are active, and sleep itself becomes a dream. 

How Kava Helps Relax the Mind 

kava relaxes and helps you sleep

When you drink kava, you ingest kavalactones, the active compounds found in kava. Kavalactones are responsible for the feeling of bliss, as well as the feeling of calm and eventual tiredness. These compounds are also credited with helping people reduce feelings of stress, which is a major contributor to sleeplessness. If you drink kava for occasional stress, it’s likely you’ll also be able to benefit from kava as a sleep aid. It’s a matter of cause and effect. If you are able to calm your mind by drinking kava, you may reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed by persistent or intrusive thoughts as you try to sleep, thus resulting in an easier time falling and staying asleep. 

Transforming Your Sleep Habits

Achieving quality sleep isn’t as simple as drinking kava before bed. It’s a process and involves changing your habits, as well. Making or buying a beverage made with kava kava is just one step of many to reach your sleep goal and you can use it as a springboard as you make other changes. Changing your habits for the better is all about taking mindful steps one at a time. For instance, say “no thanks” to caffeinated beverages after 2 pm. Go for a walk, run, or bike ride after dinner (any cardio activity can be beneficial). Turn off screens one hour before bed—TV, computer, tablet, and phone. Sip a kava drink 30 to 60 minutes before bed. Or journal down the day’s thoughts (gratitude journals have been noted to help focus though and calm the mind, too!). No matter what you do, start small and work your way to better sleep.  


About Botanic Tonics

Botanic Tonics is the maker of the feel free tonic, a plant-based kava drink made to help you find your flow and rediscover your vitality. All it takes is one drink from their distinctive deep blue glass bottle and you’ll be on your way to feeling well—and feeling free. Their proprietary blend of kava and other ancient plants, along with a hint of pineapple juice makes an effective alternative to alcoholic beverages. You’ll get the feeling of relaxation without the adverse results. Enjoy Botanic Tonics’ kava tonic during social events, before a workout, or before bed.


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