The Benefits of Using Kava as an Alcohol Alternative

Looking for an Effective Alcohol Alternative? Kava Is the Answer.

Change is hard, and that includes changing yourself for the better. It can take a lot of effort and personal strength to make it happen. But change can be worth it. One change many people are making this year is saying goodbye to alcohol. They want to put the hard beverages away in order to improve their well-being. It may be your goal, as well. If that’s the case, you picked a good time to make this change. There is an excellent alcohol alternative drink on the market that has the potential to make your journey a little bit easier. That alcohol alternative drink is kava kava and it’s earning the praise of many who have been working to make this change. Here’s how you, too, can take advantage of kava as you work toward this goal.

Kava vs Alcohol Effects on the Body

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If you’ve researched kava, you may have come across articles like this one talking about the benefits of the drink as an alcohol alternative and the differences of the effects of kava vs alcohol on your body. As people work to reduce their alcohol consumption, they may find themselves lacking the certain feelings that come with drinking alcohol. If you drink it to elevate your spirits or to feel good or if you use it as a way to open up socially, you may notice when it’s not there. When that happens, it becomes tempting to reach for a hard drink. This is one of the reasons why giving up alcohol is such a challenge.

A kava drink gives you something else to imbibe to achieve these very same sensations. Kava can elevate your spirits and help you open up socially due to its chemical compounds of kavapyrones. Kavapyrones are found mostly in the kava root, and have been shown to provide feelings of euphoria and relaxation [1]. And while kava replicates these effects, it does not replicate the negative side effects of alcohol like becoming dehydrated or hungover the next day! Kava drinkers are able to enjoy all the beneficial properties of a kava drink without the negative effect of a headache or nausea the next day.

Why Using an Alcohol Alternative Makes Sense 

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Why even use an alcohol alternative drink at all? Well, a lot of people dislike the side effects of alcohol, or find that it’s easy to overdo it. That’s not the case with kava, because the negative side effects of alcohol don’t come. In addition, you only need a small amount of kava to do the trick. A single serving will set you up for a while, so you don’t need to worry about constantly refreshing your drinks. It’s not only an alcohol alternative drink in the way it promotes a sense of calm or relaxation, it also makes it a lot easier to actually enjoy your time with it. In the end, kava simply helps make the shift from regularly consuming alcohol—whether at home, socially, or otherwise—easier.

Kava Is Far More Than an Alcohol Alternative

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Drinking kava may give you many of the effects that you get from drinking alcohol, but its benefits go far beyond just that. It is an alcohol alternative and then some. Yes, when you take a shot of a kava drink, you’ll get to enjoy its alcohol-like effects. But you’ll also get to enjoy its many other effects, too! For one, alcohol isn’t known for increasing focus—just the opposite. In the right amount (usually a one ounce serving), kava root can increase your focus and concentration. This makes it a great companion for work, studying, and more. Another big benefit of kava consumption is it’s not loaded with carbs and sugar, like many hard beverages. It won’t leave you with a heavy feeling afterward. Instead, it may leave you feeling more invigorated and ready to take on whatever’s coming your way! 

About Botanic Tonics

Botanic Tonics was founded with a simple idea in mind: to feel free. To make that happen, they blended kava with other ancient plants to create their Feel Free Wellness Tonic. Available in a distinctive 2-ounce blue glass bottle, Botanic Tonics’ Feel Free Wellness Tonic helps you reach new heights. Want to boost your productivity? Try a half-shot of the Feel Free Wellness Tonic. Want to feel calm and relaxed? Go for a full shot. Kava, a plant originating in the South Pacific, has no side effects, makes for a wonderful alcohol alternative, and much more. Kava consumption has been practiced for several years in the Pacific Islands and used as an herbal medicine. From enhancing focus to encouraging feelings of calm and bliss, Botanic Tonics’ Feel Free Wellness Tonic is a unique way to feel good and feel free. 

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[1] Baum, S. S., Hill, R., & Rommelspacher, H. (1998). Effect of kava extract and individual kavapyrones on neurotransmitter levels in the nucleus accumbens of rats. Progress in neuro-psychopharmacology & biological psychiatry, 22(7), 1105–1120.