The 5 Top Relaxing Activities That Pair Well with Kava Kava

The 5 Top Relaxing Activities That Pair Well with Kava Kava

5 of the Best Relaxation Activities to Enjoy with Kava Kava 


We all need time to ourselves. It’s time to step away from daily obligations to just kick back and relax and recenter ourselves. Maybe it’s an hour or two after work. Or maybe it’s an entire Saturday when you purposefully avoid making plans. Once you make the time, there’s a question of using it. How can you get the most out of this time and truly relax? 


The answer might lie in mixing kava kava with your favorite relaxation activities. Kava tonic are made from a root native to the South Pacific. Kava kava, or just kava, is loved for its calming properties. When you want to kick back, kava is a safe and effective way to do so. It can even enhance relaxing activities, allowing you to get more out of them. Here are five chill activities that are made better with kava.  


Read a Relaxing Book

There’s nothing like cracking open a classic read you know from cover to cover. Or maybe, you have a new book that’s been sitting on your bookshelf for the past several weeks. Either way, kava can enhance the experience, bringing the words into greater focus. Sometimes, after a hectic day, it’s hard to jump into a book because you can’t get into the zone. As kava calms your mind, getting into the zone—and the reading mindset—becomes easier. 


Play Some Video Games to Chill


You don’t always find video games and relaxation in the same sentence, but there are plenty of games that are wonderfully chill. When you want to relax, look for a game that doesn’t throw overwhelming intensity at you. It’s all about finding something that helps you avoid stress. You can drink kava for occasional anxiety, but it’s all the better when you pair it with a game that matches the chill energy you’re trying to achieve.  


Take Long Walks for Some Activity

walk on the beach

If you have a beach nearby, even better! Long walks are one of the best ways to unwind because it’s a mindful physical activity. By itself, it’s a great way to decompress and shake off the day. It takes you out of your ordinary spaces and puts you somewhere new. When you add kava, you once again enhance the experience. As you enjoy the walk, let the calm wash over you and bring your surroundings into great focus. 


Write Down Your Thoughts with Journaling 

If there’s something on your mind that just won’t go away, journaling can help. It puts those thoughts onto paper and helps you feel unburdened. Kava can help you achieve great focus in your writing. Sometimes it’s hard to put certain thoughts or feelings into works and kava may help you find that focus you need to get those words out. And who knows, maybe with the relaxing focus of kava, you’ll end up writing an entire book?


Connect with Yourself Through Meditation 

meditation feel free

If your mind is on finding your center or achieving bliss, meditation may be what you need. Well, meditation and kava. As you practice breathing and mindfulness exercises, kava’s calming nature can help you reach your inner rhythm before it uplifts and carries you to a state of bliss, centering you and taking you to a new level of relaxation. 


About Botanic Tonics

Botanic Tonics is all about elevating the way you feel. They’ve formulated their plant-based kava drink to be your companion in all that you do. Let it help heighten your senses during your next adventure or support your relaxation routine after a long day. You can also enjoy it for enhanced social energy while spending time with friends. The beauty of this drink is it fits a variety of situations. Botanic Tonics developed a special blend of kava and other ancient plants to help you find your bliss, whatever it may be. Let this drink steeped in centuries of South Pacific history be your new go-to when you want to feel good and feel free!  

Incorporate kava into your relaxation with Botanic Tonics.



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