Social Events are a Breeze with Kava and Botanic Tonics

Social Events are a Breeze with Kava and Botanic Tonics

Parties, galas, gatherings, oh my. Our lives are stacked with social events. For many of us, it’s not easy to walk into a room and strike up a conversation. It doesn’t matter if you’re extraverted or introverted, social gatherings come with a unique set of challenges. You want to present your best social self. You want to be engaging and breezy. While a lot of people will head to the bar or drink service for a little liquid courage, Botanic Tonics has a different approach: kava!

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A Different Kind of ‘Liquid Courage’

Botanic Tonics is known for their little blue bottle of “feel free.” They’ve created a proprietary blend of kava kava and other ancient plants to help you feel your best, no matter the social setting. The great thing is, kava kava (often referred to as just kava) can have a similar effect to that of alcohol—without the negative side effects. In other words, kava can help you feel more sociable without the headache the next morning. For those who have trouble engaging in social gatherings or for anyone looking for a boost of focus at an event, kava may be the answer.

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The Life of the Party

When you enjoy a serving of Botanic Tonics’ feel free tonic, it doesn’t take long before the effects set in. In a matter of minutes, you’ll start to feel a growing sense of bliss. This feeling can help people step outside of their social comfort zone. In a social setting, the old you might stick with people you know. But the new you might end up jumping in a conversation with total strangers. Many kava tonic enthusiasts also report being more talkative and engaged in conversation after sipping a feel free. It works by helping you feel more focused and chill. When you’re more focused, conversation comes more naturally. Even better, you’re more focused on what others are saying.


It’s Not Just for Big Events

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What about one-on-one settings, like a date or a job interview? Kava works in the same way. It helps you feel more relaxed and focused, so you can give more attention to the person sitting across from you. Now, that isn’t saying you’ll knock that date or interview out of the park—that’s still on you—but it could very well make a difference for the better! Then, if it does work out, Botanic Tonics’ beverage will have really earned its reputation as a blissful kava drink! So, when you know you have a social event coming up, big or small, let kava become your new “liquid courage” and give you a blissful boost without the same side effects as alcohol.


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