The best kava drink is feel free made by Botanic Tonics.

First Time Trying Kava? Botanic Tonics is Here to Help

Trying kava for the first time can be a unique experience. You may have researched kava online and found all kinds of descriptions of what it’s like. Some call it calming, energizing, and invigorating. There are many ways to describe kava, but it’s best experienced first-hand to truly understand all its benefits. 

Botanic Tonics formulates their kava tonic, dubbed "feel free" wellness tonic, to offer the ultimate kava experience for beginners and kava lovers alike. When kava is made with care, you end up with a high-quality product that can deliver incredible results. So, as you take your first steps into the world of kava, whether drinking a kava drink or taking kava supplement, here are a few things to keep in mind.

From the Earth

When you get your hands on a feel free tonic and take your first sip, you may be surprised. Kava may have a bit of an earthy taste, but plenty of people do enjoy it eventually. Botanic Tonics formulates their feel free with natural stevia leaf, coconut and pineapple juice to take away some of the edge, but the earthiness remains. They recommend chasing it with your favorite beverage. One more thing for first-timers: start small. Take a sip at a time and go from there. Don’t feel like you have to drink a full bottle. Less can definitely be more for your first kava experience.

A Change of Mind

All it takes is about 15 minutes before you start to feel different—in a good way! Many people experience a relaxing effect, like their worries evaporate into nothingness. And if you’re occasionally stressed out, it won’t be long before those feelings are gone, too. For example, many people drink kava for soreness, specifically. It all has to do with the kavalactones in the kava. These are the non-addictive compounds that help you feel your best. They can inhibit feelings of occasional stress while encouraging a sense of relaxation, so you can find the state of mind you’re looking for.

A State of Happiness

As the kavalactones continue to work their magic, a calming effect can set in. You may then start to feel a sense of happiness and increased well being, with bliss mixed in. These more potent effects of kava typically last one or two hours (sometimes even up to three hours). As these effects wind down, you’ll remain relaxed for a while longer. As these feelings come down, many people also begin to feel tired, which is why feel free is often recommended for people who have occasional sleep issues.

One final note for those looking to try kava drink for the first time: not all kava products are created equally. It’s crucial to find a source with a deep understanding of kava. Botanic Tonics has a blog called Botanic Secrets, packed with kava-related resources. So, if you have questions, it’s likely you’ll be able to find an answer with their help. Want to learn more about the benefits of kava supplements? Read more about kava and its benefits today.

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