Meet Your New Social Energy Enhancer: Kava From Botanic Tonics

Meet Your New Social Energy Enhancer: Kava From Botanic Tonics

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a night out with friends. You might grab a bite to eat and have a few drinks (or more) to unwind. You enjoy the conversation and the company. Of course, with any night out with friends, co-workers, or any social group, you may feel a little social nervousness. It’s common. Rather than turning to more alcohol and its not-so-fun consequences, choose kava from Botanic Tonics. Here’s why people rate the feel free Tonic as their favorite kava tonic and how it can enhance your social outings.


Kava Is All the Fun without the Hangover

No hangover

There’s a reason why many kava bars are popping up all around the United States—enjoying kava is a genuinely positive experience. People want to enjoy themselves and unwind, but they don’t want to rely on alcohol to achieve those goals. Like alcohol, a kava drink can help you feel relaxed. After a short time, you may also feel a sense of bliss. This is thanks to a series of compounds in kava called kavalactones that interact with receptors in the brain. Botanic Tonics’ kava drink can help promote a feeling of calm and well-being—and can even help you feel more sociable. But here’s the big difference between a mixed drink and Botanic Tonics’ kava tonic: When you wake up in the morning, instead of feeling groggy and sluggish, you might feel refreshed and excited for the day’s adventure.   


Kava Can Help You Find Your Social Energy

Yoga feel free

Another reason why people might reach for alcohol is its “social lubrication” effect. Whether it’s just a general feeling of occasional anxiety or the nervousness that comes with being with a group of friends or on a date, many people enjoy kava for occasional anxiety reduction in social settings. As the kavalactones interact with certain receptors in the brain, you won’t just feel an increasing sense of calm, but you might also become a social butterfly. If you’re heading for a night out and want to feel grounded while still being the life of the party, reach for the kava drink from Botanic Tonics.  

Kava Is Best Enjoyed with Friends

Drink feelies with friends

As beneficial and relaxing as kava can be when enjoyed at home with a good book, it’s even better when everyone’s enjoying it together. It puts everyone on the same page, and no one has to worry about overdoing it. Botanic Tonics made this shared experience a breeze when they bottled their kava drink in their signature 2-ounce blue glass bottles. Everyone can grab a drink, kick back, relax, and enjoy one another’s company. Looking for a convenient way to take your kava on the go? Try our feel free kava capsules with all the same great beenfits of our tonic packed into a capsule. Let the conversation flow, share stories, and let the night reach entirely new levels of chill.


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