feel free wellness tonics and its improvement with daily rituals.

Little Rituals by feel free

Tips on how to let the feel free flow during covid times

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Turn the mundane into the sacred by navigating your day with little rituals. Allow the little things to help you feel free. Washing dishes can be a sensory rendezvous in itself. Boiling water becomes a meditative moment and a chance to practice patience. Walking to the store the long way to get more fresh air rather than driving a car. These instances all become little rituals. 

Everyday we are given a field filled with actions that must be taken. Some feel like obstacles that we have to leap over. Incorporate better for your products and turn to these offerings, even during the  coronavirus pandemic. Use these wellness tips to create space in your life. Let the feel free flow during covid times.

Tips on finding your feel free flow:

#1 Do not resist the flow and relax - When you run into that block in your path, jump into the stream and swim through it, you will get to another place by allowing yourself to go with the flow. Continue growing in your space and allow the light to come in. Try re-arranging furniture to find the feng shui that actually fits you best. Get rid of clutter and things you don’t need. Do not resist letting go of things that do not serve you. Remove the things that are in the path. Let go of the little things. Especially with loved ones, do not misinterpret love and care for control. 

#2 Engage with intention - focus - During this period, it is crucial that one continues to be creative. Actively, purposely, creating in life will lead to  constant change and transformation. It takes strength to do this, don’t be stagnant, live in the present moment. Feel free botanic tonic is a fantastic way to enhance this focus. The ingredients in the tonic allow for better cognitive functioning, increase energy levels and desires. Try to drink it and start a new hobby like collaging or painting.  Sip feel free before you meditate; it’ll widen your perspective. 

#3 Elevate - Care about your health and wellness. We care about our health and wellness. Gather the ingredients for a meal and enjoy it with intention. Use all of your senses to fully elevate your experience. Set a plan to elevate your day-to-day. You can always make revisions, especially now. The world moves in a specific way due to intention. Collective intention is key to change.

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