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How to Make Kava Your New Post-Workout Recovery Drink

Why Kava Makes Sense After a Workout 

Kava is a relaxing beverage. Often brewed as a tea or as an addition to various drinks, the herb helps bring about a sense of calm. It’s so calming that it may even put you into a temporary state of bliss. Put simply, drinking kava might be the perfect way to feel your best after a big day.  

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Kava is great for more than just relaxing after a long day at work. In fact, this herbal drink might be the perfect addition to your post-workout routine. Its many properties can help you wind down after a workout—or any physical activity. From your typical workout at the gym to a two-hour bike ride to a 5K race, kava can help you cool down. Here’s how it can make a difference.

The Kava Cooldown 

Working out or engaging in intense physical activity can put a lot of strain on the body. After a workout, your entire body might feel tired and overworked. Kava can help alleviate this feeling during your cooldown routine. It’s great because it’s not a fast cooldown either. The relaxing effects from kava come at a steady pace which is ideal for chilling muscle recovery. Take a drink, break out the foam roller, and get your body back to feeling its best.  

What About Kava as a Pre-Workout Drink?

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Some circles laud kava tonic as a pre-workout beverage as many people claim it can increase focus and vitality. For some workouts, this kind of focus is ideal. Think yoga and exercises based around mindfulness and meditation. Kava can help center you during these less intense activities.

However, for more intense workouts such as weightlifting, high-intensity cardio, and other activities, you may want to save kava until the end. Like coffee, kava is a diuretic and can increase water loss. As you work out and sweat, there’s a chance you may notice muscle fatigue earlier than expected. You can counter this by drinking additional fluids. It’s usually not a big deal, but it’s something to keep in mind.

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Making Your New Favorite Sports Drink

Speaking of replacing fluids, you can use kava to replace conventional sports drinks—drinks made to help you replace water and electrolytes lost through sweat (and drinks often loaded with sugar). Instead, reach for a kava drink. Be sure to grab a kava drink blended with coconut water or coconut and pineapple juice (for taste). This helps replace lost fluids and electrolytes without the excess sugar found in most sports drinks. Plus, you get the steady cooldown benefits as well. 

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Lastly, it’s important to remember that kava can be a relaxing beverage. A few hours after drinking kava, you may start to feel sleepy. You can take advantage of this benefit and plan your workout and cooldown accordingly. That way, you experience kava’s sleepy influence just as you’re ready to slip into bed, making kava the perfect drink after your evening workouts.  

About Botanic Tonics 

Botanic Tonics is all about elevating the way you feel. They’ve formulated their plant-based kava drink to be your companion in all that you do. Let it help heighten your senses during your next adventure or support your relaxation routine after a long day. You can also enjoy it for enhanced social energy while spending time with friends. The beauty of this drink is it fits a variety of situations. Botanic Tonics developed a special blend of kava and other ancient plants to help you find your bliss, whatever it may be. Let this drink steeped in centuries of South Pacific history be your new go-to when you want to feel good and feel free!

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