Botanic Tonics Brings Kava to Your Mellow Out Routine

Botanic Tonics Brings Kava to Your ‘Mellow Out’ Routine

Botanic Tonics Brings Kava to Your ‘Mellow Out’ Routine 


We all need a “mellow out” routine—a way to decompress and shed ourselves of daily stress. Botanic Tonics formulated their feel free tonic to help people accomplish just this. Their herbal tonic is made from kava drink and other ancient plants blended to help you find your mellow. It’s thanks, in part, to the kavalactones found in kava. These are active compounds in kava that interact with receptors in the brain helping you feel calmer and more mellow—without inhibiting your judgment. If you’ve been searching for a way to get more out of your daily decompression or social events, kava may hold the key.

Daily Decompression Starts with You

Kava may be able to help you mellow and recenter yourself after a turbulent day. You may even use kava  for stress. But it’s only part of a bigger picture. It’s crucial to recognize we cannot control every source of tension and stress. The world is full of tensions beyond our control. What we can control, however, is how we respond. We can give into our occasional stress and end up feeling defeated. Or we can overcome and push back. Whether it’s stress in work, in our relationships, or anything else, we have to let go of what’s outside of our reach and look inward. 

Relaxation Doesn’t Always Come Easy 

The best way to decompress is to find what works best for you. Some people can wash away the stress in a bath surrounded by lavender-scented candles. But that might not work for you. The same can be said of meditation. For some, meditation works wonders at centering the mind and restoring the feeling of self. However, for others, meditating can feel more like a chore. The rhythm just isn’t there. Like everything, decompressing can take practice, along with trial and error, to discover what works best for you. It’s an important journey to take. When you find your best method to decompress and take control of your day, you can transform your wellness—mind and body—for the better. 

How Kava Makes a Difference When Other Methods Fall Flat 

Your “mellow out” routine may even be a combination of things. Hit the surf, jogging along the beach, or reading a book alone might not be enough to overcome strong, stressful feelings. As you practice your decompression activities, pair them with a kava tonic. You may be surprised by the difference it makes. Botanic Tonics’ feel free Tonic was made to help people unwind, but it also enhances. Enjoy a kava drink first thing in the morning. Then, as the kavalactones begin to work, start your meditation. Or go for a jog. Or hit the gym. You may notice a positive difference in your “mellow out” routine. 

Start your own mellow-out routine with Botanic Tonics.

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