4 Ways to Incorporate Kava Into Your Lifestyle

4 Ways to Incorporate Kava Into Your Lifestyle

How Kava Can Boost Your Daily Routine

Feel Free to be calm 

If you haven’t discovered all of the benefits of incorporating kava into your daily routine, take this as a sign to give it a try. Kava, or kava kava, is a root native to the South Pacific that has been used for thousands of years for a variety of reasons. Although it has been around for centuries, kava still has a place in the modern lifestyle, as many people enjoy it to help them focus, relax, and socialize. Here are a few fun and beneficial ways to incorporate kava into your daily routine so you can feel the benefits of this powerful root.


Replace Your Morning Coffee

feel free to be calm

While most people recognize kava for its calming effects, in smaller servings, kava can help to improve your focus. Skipping the coffee and opting for kava in your morning routine can help you get focused for the day. Kava can help promote a more balanced day without the intense highs and lows of caffeine. Typically, all you need is one ounce of a premium kava drink to help get you focused and ready for your day.


Take Your Fitness Routine to the Next Level

Feel free to perform

Because kava can help you get focused and motivated, it is one of the best things to enjoy before your workout. Kava tonics can give you a shot of plant-based vitality to help you power through your workout and hit your fitness goals without the jittery effects of pre-workout supplements. Kava is also a great addition to your post-workout routine. You always want to give your body a chance to recover after a workout. In larger servings, kava can help you relax after your workout is complete. 


Use Kava to Enhance Meditation 

feel free meditation

Practicing meditation and mindfulness can be a wonderful way to relieve stress and tension. Kava has been used for thousands of years to help promote relaxation, making it the perfect component of a successful meditation session. The calming nature of kava can help you reach your inner mindfulness rhythm and help speed up the process of releasing tension throughout the body. Try drinking a kava-based tonic before your next meditation session and see how it elevates the experience. Prefer kava in a supplement form? Try our kava capsules for the same effects.


Throw a Kava Party


Kava is often described as a drink that can promote a calming sensation and an uplifted mood. The plant has even been used as a social drink that helps ease the conversation. For many people, kava is the perfect mood booster to enjoy at a gathering or party. You can invite some friends over to enjoy kava while you socialize. Throwing a kava party is an excellent way to relax and socialize with friends while utilizing kava’s feel-good effects.  

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