3 Times When You’ll Want to Reach for a Kava Drink

3 Times When You’ll Want to Reach for a Kava Drink

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There are times when you could use extra support in your day. You might feel rushed or tired, stressed or anxious, and just need a way to bring things into focus. When any of those feelings hit and you know you need support, grabbing a kava drink might give you that extra boost you need. Made from kava kava, a plant native to the South Pacific, a kava drink can help you recenter or find the focus that’s been missing. From a challenging week to a restless mind, there are many ways kava can help. Here’s a closer look at a few situations when grabbing a kava drink can make a difference—and how exactly it works.

When the Week Has Been a Lot

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When things get busy, they can get even busier in the blink of an eye. Last week was no big deal, but this week you’re completely slammed. You knew it was coming, but it still hit you like a train. Many people drink kava for occasional anxiety and nerves. That same idea applies here. You want to bring your busy, stressful week to a close the right way—by leaving the stress behindthen grab a kava drink. The kava can help calm your mind and reduce those feelings of tension. It’s a safe and natural way to recenter yourself. There are no side effects, and it isn’t habit-forming, meaning you can grab a kava drink week after week or anytime you need that extra bit of support.

When You Want to Get Some Solid Sleep

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Just as kava can help you bring an intense week to a close, it can also help with getting a better night’s sleep. No, kava isn’t a sleep aid. But when you have those occasional nights when you simply can’t seem to get your mind to rest, kava may be able to help. It’s all about calming the mind and soothing those racing thoughts. Or it may come back to those feelings of occasional anxiety that keep distracting you. In any case, when you drink kava at least three hours before heading to bed, it can help put you into a more relaxed state of mind. It can even help relax your body, as well. Once you’re relaxed, it can be easier to get to unwind at the end of your day. Keep in mind, if you’re having trouble falling and staying asleep on a consistent basis—and it’s disrupting your waking hours—it can be helpful to see a sleep professional.

When You Need to Get Work Done

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There are days when it can seem like your list of tasks keeps getting longer and longer. You may have errands you need to run. You may need to study for an exam, or several. Or you may just have a ton of assignments on your plate at work. Grab some kava drink! If you get a kava tonic in small shot-sized bottles, all you need is a half a shot to get the wheels of productivity turning. It can help you rediscover your focus so you can check everything off your to-do list. It won’t be long until you’re powering through your day. And who knows, maybe you’ll crush it so effectively, that by the end of the week, you’ll be free and clear to jump into the weekend with nothing on your mind but having a good time. 

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