3 Effective Ways to Chill Out After a Hectic Work Week

3 Effective Ways to Chill Out After a Hectic Work Week

Hectic Week at Work? Try These 3 Things to De-Stress

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The work week comes to an end, and you’re done. We all have those kinds of weeks from time to time. It might be one of those weeks when it felt like there was more work than hours in the day. Or maybe a customer or client interaction threw you through for a loop. No matter the reason behind your hectic work week, there’s one thing you want to do: chill out. You want to put the week behind you and not worry about a thing. There are a lot of ways to chill out and de-stress. But if you’re looking for a simple and easy way to end the work week while minimizing your lingering tension, it’s time to grab some kava and put on some cat videos. Well, that or any of the following ideas, anyway. Take a look! 

Have a Drink—A Kava Drink! 


As a mood booster and natural way to unwind, kava lets you experience some relief. Kava can be soothing and bring about a sense of relaxation—even joy. On top of that, you can try kava for occasional anxiety. So, if work occasionally has you feeling stressed or anxious, a kava tonic may help minimize those feelings, helping you to chill out. 

Drift into Relaxation with Cat Videos


Yes, the old classic standby: the cat video. Why the cat video? There’s something distracting about watching cats do what cats do. You can head over to Reddit and check out the /r/Catswhoyell Subreddit. It’s easy to get lost in all the meowing cats and kittens. They’re soothing, and sometimes you can’t help but feel a sense of joy with every scraggly meow or tiny mew. Of course, there are plenty of good cat videos all over the internet, so it’s a matter of just picking a source. From Reddit to YouTube, punch in your search terms and let those websites do the rest: serving up chill cat videos to end the week on a high note. You can even pair kava drink with your cat video watching for even more chill! 

Indulge with Your Favorite Takeout App 

You don’t want to cook, and you don’t want to go out. After kicking back with some kava and watching some quality cat videos, it may be time to indulge in one of the many takeout apps. Let the food come to you as you maximize your chill. After a hectic work week, these apps can be lifesavers. There’s less to worry about, and you can focus on bringing the week to an end. Of course, the key to using these apps is not to overindulge. They can be spendy after a while. But they’re just so useful! Like all good things, kava included, they’re best in moderation. So, enjoy, and here’s to bringing the hectic work week to a close. 

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