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feel free wellness tonic with kava
feel free wellness tonic with kava - 12 pack
CHEK Institute + feel free

Euphoric Kava Drink

CHEK Institute + feel free

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2oz(60ml) bottles
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A feel good wellness tonic of ancient plants from the South Pacific and Southeast Asia where they’ve been used socially and in wellness for centuries. 

Experience a new way to feel good and feel free. 

Who is Paul Chek?
Paul Chek, the founder of CHEK Institute, is a world-renowned educator and expert in the high-performance exercise kinesiology, stress management and holistic wellness field. In addition, he is a registered Native American Spirit Guide and Medicine Man with the Nemenhah Band (people of the truth) and Native American Traditional Organization (NAC). Over the past 30 years, Paul has used his unique skills and knowledge to change many the lives of his patients, as well as his students. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alex R.
Really remarkable product

I will say that I was completely on the fence regarding any kind of herbal tonic / drink. This is really an amazing way to end a stressful night. I work in healthcare in NYC, and stress doesn't begin to describe the day to day here. This is a healthier alternative to a nightcap with no awful feeling the next day, allowing me to get on my AM run with no worries. You guys are fueling greatness, keep it up!

Cloice L.
Feel Free and Breath

Great product from somebody who has experimented with many tonics such as this one and felt no effects. I never have been a repeat cutomer for these such things. However this ONE I would. Not For myself but also for others who have issues settling down and unable to even attempt to meditate this is a great option. I used this product for that and for low level flow type excercising. I could also see how this would be a very good option in social settings! Great work. Price point a bit high but anything good gonna cost you these days.

Jose L.L.
Euphoric high without getting high

It drops me into “the zone” within 10-15 minutes. If im not feeling it when its time to work, study or workout...I take the tonic, and Boom! Im in it and ready to go. I feel focused and euphoric, its like a high, but motivated

J W.
Peaceful easy feeling

Felt effects very quickly. Calm, alert, happy, and grateful. Wonderful product. Will be repeat customer

Eases social situations

Tried Feel Free after a recommendation from a friend. I'm trying to drink less alcohol and this is a really good alternative. Puts me in the zone in social situations without any of the drawbacks of booze. Highly recommend!

Wow! What an awesome review, thank you. We also love to use our tonics in place of booze on occasion.

Paul check approved?!

I’ve followed Paul Chek’s trajectory over the years and confide in his advise. I’m definitely gonna buy a couple feel frees to try for myself!