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I feel good

I am a returning customer x many times. My previous review said I loved the classic but it isnt the classic it is the naturally caffeinated. It is awesome. I buy 2-3 bottles each purchase and share with my family. I will be a life time customer. Great product and great turn around time getting my product to me.

Calming yet energetic

This is a great product for me to enjoy in the evenings. Keeps me energetic and focused.

Love the feeling and GREAT for woman with bad cramps!!

I ordered once so I could try it out and I now subscribed,I never subscribe to things because I hate it but I definitely feel it is worth it after trying it out. I am one that doesn't like things that mellows me out too much because I get sleepy easily BUT this stuff is kind of hard to explain because it gives me such a good,relaxed feeling but want to keep going and WOW if you are a woman with bad cramps with that time of the month this right here is your MIRICLE DRINK!!! I actually hate that I don't have any left and trying to wait patiently for my order, I should've ordered it sooner lol



A Very Positive Response!!

I was skeptical but am always willing to experiment at 76 years old and I still cannot believe the positive mental clarity and energy I had after about 15-20 minutes after taking. I have been a doubting Thomas for most things sold on the internet, this one, FEEL FREE is one of the good products sold. I will order more for sure...

Feel free

I do like this product very much. It helps me to focus gives me calming energy. I do like to have it every day, but can’t really afford to continue doing that every day but I do like it very much.

good vibes

get to and stay on that chill mode

I like the classic

The classic is awesome but the new kind I don’t really like at all

Clean your whole house in one day!!

I love it. It does not give you the shakes, but gives you good energy.

I love it

I absolutely love this product please don’t ever stop making it!!!

Crewneck’s rock!

Amazing quality! I love wearing my Crewneck it’s comfortable and durable! FF has stepped up the merch game!

Works as advertised

These work really well. Don’t make you jittery and a nice relaxed feeling without drowsiness

Excellent 💯

Feel Free Tonic has undoubtedly become an essential part of my routine, providing me with the mental clarity and emotional stability needed to navigate through life's ups and downs. If you're seeking a natural and reliable solution to boost your overall well-being, I highly recommend giving Feel Free Tonic a try. It's a true lifesaver!

No Scam Here !

I've tried many products with fabulous claims. Even tried the powder form with no luck but this product meets and exceeds claims !

Good Stuff!

I really love the pick me up it gives without the jitters and shakes of energy drinks. It helps me focus and maintain a positive attitude.


This supplement kicks major booty. I also have ordered the capsules and they also kick major booty. 10 out of 10. Great product.

“mommas little helper’

My kids, neighborhood kids, kids from kids school… it’s a constant in & out & all about at our beach house! A girlfriend of mine told me about Feel Free products! I gave it a go, have never looked back! 😉 Gives me such a fabulous lift, a total mental boost, makes me soooo chill, makes me sooooo happy!! Absolutely love 💕 my new elixir!! I’m a customer for life! Be cool if they could run some sales once in awhile, especially for loyal customers…. 🥰💯✌️🌺

Totaly worth the aweful taste

Can't say enough good about the product. From mood to energy, it's a total lift and gives no out-of-control feeling. The only downside is the taste. But my husband says that he likes the taste. Now I'm questioning my choice in men.

Aloha in a Bottle

Living and owning a Cafe on Kauai is a busy life. Having a Feel Free shot instead of beers (fattening) or alcoholic beverages has been a game changer for me. Such a nice feeling after work and surf, no hangover, great energy and a real chill mood! Only gripe is wish you had a 50 pack so I can share with friends. Mahalo for such a great product! ❤️🌈🤙

“Happy Juice”

It really is true what they say, “you can’t feel anything but love while on kava” A very pleasant peaceful relaxation without feeling intoxicated.

Soooo good

Helps me immensely with my focus and energy without the jittery effects of caffeine

love the product.

I actually love how this product - makes me feel ... alert and relaxed. It tastes pretty yukky... but that is probably a good thing, so I am not encouraged to drink too much!
I am a subscriber and will continue to be.


A fantastic alternative to alcohol. I feel great.


Hi, I am on my 3rd bottle and all the chatter about the taste is true. It's nasty. However, the results are amazing.

Game Changer

This product gives you a chill filling without putting you to sleep or having a hangover