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feel free CLASSIC tonic

Great product

a high vibe end of day ritual

Like many people, I used to end my day with my husband having a cocktail or a glass of wine...and then I would have a second. The next morning I would awaken feeling fuzzy and heavy and desire to start fresh, so I would do my yoga and meditate and raise my vibe for my day, but then the evening would come, and I would lean into the ritual of having that cocktail again, it was social and took the edge off. It was a hamster wheel that didn't feel good. When my husband and I got turned on to Feel Free, we created a new ritual, we bring a non-alcoholic drink and a feel free and go sit outside together and talk. We share how we are feeling and what is on our hearts. Now I wake up feeling energized and alert and ready to greet the day and our evening ritual isn't blurred by alcohol, but is intimacy producing. It has been 15 months since we decided to quit drinking and we celebrate the aliveness we now feel.

Excellent Product

Absolutely love this product. It helps calm me down, I can focus more and it nearly erases my desire to drink. 5 of 5

Feel good

Great stuff really enjoyed what it did for me.

Half a nottle

It only takes half a bottle. Love this product!!


Great stuff! Just wish the bottles were more transparent

Feeling fabulous.

The liquid drink is magic. Sure, the taste could be better, but I mix mine with ginger ale. The pills don’t seem to work for me. Definitely not the same. And finally, whoever engineered the screw tops should be investigated!!! I literally use vice grips to get mine open.

feel free. feel good. Socks

Nectar from the gods

This is some very amazing stuff, and it’s all natural!! Just juice from the earth. So glad a product like this exists. 🙏🏼

Great product

Have been using this product for a while now and find it to be excellent. Relaxing and calming - helps me thing more clearly and positively.

Love this stuff

Definitely helps my mood, focus and energy.

makes me feel more calm and social

Excellent product

This magical elixir really helps to take mellow me out and it makes frustrating projects fun again. 😁

feel free tonic
Shohin G.
It works! lol

It really works. Wow! Puts u in such a great mood and gives u some energy and focus. Two things I wish! I wish the effects lasted longer than an hour! And one serving is def not enough for me lol. 3 bottles and I’m feeling fantastic!! Good job to u guys for making something that really works so great and that the only downside is, is that me wishing it lasted longer than an hour lol. U can never make people happy right lmaoooo. I’m very grateful for that hour! It’s happy hour for real! lol. Thank u guys! Well done on a product that works!

Gives a Mental Boost

I find that the Classic tonic gives me a subtle mental and physical boost. I often take a shot before a tennis match!

Great for mood and relaxation

This product is great for boosting your mood and relaxing. It feels like everything is at peace after drinking this. I’ve recommended this to most of my friends and family

Love it!

I love this stuff! It makes me feel energized but not anxious, my mood is lifted, and I get a general sense of well-being. I’ve recommended it to friends and family and will definitely continuing buying it for myself.

Product great. Delivery process awdul

Love your product however many times I have ordered and done expedited shipping and there’s little communication and only a few times has the shipment arrived in a timely manner after paying expedited shipping costs. I then have to ask for a refund of the expedited shippingnciats

Amazing Product

Very great productivity booster along with enhancing focus for any activity physical or mental

Love My Feel Free

This product is a game changer!!! I’m approaching 60 years and get a little tired and washed out late afternoons after a busy day. One Feel Free shot and I have loads of energy without any nervousness or shaking and I just generally feel fantastic the rest of the day!!!

Clarity now!

Hard to explain the effects it has on you. More energy, plus clarity, yet calmer and a more level you. Best thing I have ever done in the supplement market.

Love this drink
Suited perfectly for hard working folks

Great product

Love the product. Wish I could find a location near me that sells this product. The "store locator" will not work.

feel free tonic
Kristi C.
The best!

I can’t live without these! Thank you bitanic tonics!