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Best bag ever, hold your mat and you look great!!

Great product!

My go to now for any social event or simple pick me up. No jitters, no sugary drink to kill my diet.

The Best De-Stressor

I have 1 dose of Feel Free almost daily. It calms my nerves, gives me a little energy & helps me focus. It allows me to be more of me as I’m not weighed down with other worries. I am so very grateful for this product.

Great product!

I have been using the capsules and tonic both for sometime. The capsules are an easy way to get the benefits of the tonic when on the road and away from home. I love the boost without the side effects of energy drinks and other similar products. I do highly recommend these!

feel free CLASSIC tonic

Excellent alcohol substitute and more

A friend of mine can’t have a beer without falling asleep. We could not enjoy an evening together with alcohol because he’d fall asleep. Feel free actually energized him while also relaxing him. Now he has a relaxation option at the end of the day. I enjoy drinking less alcohol while still being able to chill out and enjoy myself. This is a great product! Works better than Kin tonics and better than 3Spirit as well.

Not what I expected

It's not what I expected. The taste was horrible! They charged my account very early for the next order and I'd like to stop this order.


I enjoy the product very much, fast acting, keeps me focused and relaxed at the same time. Only negative is the digestive issues that ingesting so much plant fibers produces- not sure if that is something that can be reformulated. Good product overol though.

Great glass water bittle

Love the look and the quality! My wife loves this bottle as much as I do. Highly recommended!

Perfect short term relaxation

I tried this a couple months ago and I'm obsessed. It gives the perfect feeling that isn't too overwhelming and doesn't make me sleepy. It lasts a few hours which is perfect for a chill afternoon!


Product is very enjoyable, calming mood

Changed my life

Wish I could give it more stars. This tonic changed my life

Loved it

I love it

Love this Product!

Gives just the right combo of focus and relaxation.

feel free CLASSIC tonic

very smooth process

i love them they keep me going throughout the day

Mood boost.

I loved it! It was very relaxing.

Love this stuff!

It's always great when I get another shipment of this wonderful elixir. It brightens my mood and helps me keep a good energy in the afternoon. Thanks for making this so convenient to have on the go!

Worth the money!

This product really works well for my family. Adults only, we don't let the kids drink it, and Feel Free makes each day measurably brighter, better and society's kvetches more tolerable. :) It definitely gives a calm energy, not like the other carbonated alternatives, which is so unique! My days are better with Feel Free in my pocket

feel free CLASSIC tonic

Feel free classic

Best shot of energy + calm and connectivity ever!

My favorite product ever!

Please never stop selling this!

feel free tonic
Rodney E.
Great product, but not the price

I absolutely love this product as a perfect alternative to coffee in the morning. Helps my energy & focus better than coffee. Only downside is it's really expensive. I go through a box ($105) every 3 weeks, so weighs on my budget. Not sure if I can justify spending $140 a month on it. But the product is great!

feel free CLASSIC tonic

Love Feel Free

This tonic is very helpful in making me calm and relaxed.
It tastes awful, but you can tell the kava is working because my tongue goes numb. I used to drink a lot of kava and I’m happy to find this. I know there are capsules, but I prefer the taste, as gross as it is,lol!