5 Ways Botanic Tonics Can Elevate Your Life

Botanic Tonics is the industry leader in products designed to elevate your day. Whether you’re seeking a boost in focus, need a positive mood enhancement, or just want to achieve an overall sense of healthy well-being, feel free by Botanic Tonics has you covered, naturally. Need a reason to give Botanic Tonics a shot? Here are 5 of them.

No Longer Be A Caffeine Fiend

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Coffee is everyone’s favorite go-to vice for an energy boost. But did you know that coffee doesn’t actually give you more energy? It tricks you into thinking it does by temporarily blocking the hormone that makes you tired. But once that wears off? It’s crash o’clock, and all you’ll have to show for it are residual jitters and coffee breath. 

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wellness tonic by Botanic Tonics is thoughtfully crafted with some of the world’s most ancient and trusted botanics, like kava, kola nut, rhodiola, and lion’s mane. Just one serving will give you a natural boost with none of the crash. 

Our Shots Are Better Than Most Shots

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The problem with alcohol is that there are problems with alcohol. It is dehydrating, it can impair your judgment and too much of it can severely damage your body over time. Not to mention —ugh —  hangovers. Still, the social aspect of alcohol can’t be denied. It’s not uncommon for people to say they drink alcohol to help unwind or relax or have a good time with their friends.

Luckily,  Botanic Tonics provides you with a better way to achieve that blissful, hair-down feeling. feel free CLASSIC wellness tonic will help promote a feeling of calm and well-being — and can even help you feel invigorated for the night ahead. Just a small amount sets you up for a good night and — because there are no hangovers with feel free — an even better morning. 


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The Ultimate Workout Companion

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Not all workouts are created equal. If you workout, you know that some days you just can’t get your head to meet you there, and your workout session feels like a waste of time. On days like these, the boost in focus you get from a feel free wellness tonic goes a long way to help your workout be worth it. 

Meditation in a Bottle


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Some days just come with an edge. Maybe work was tough or your day was particularly long or the background noise of the day just won’t go away. On those days, we all could use a little extra help winding down.

The kavalactones in Botanic Tonic drinks are a natural way to help reduce the edginess in your body. Just a few sips can help bring a sense of calm and relaxation to your body to make you feel zen again. It’s a wind-down that won’t take away any of your time or get you wound-up.

Nerves? What nerves? 

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First dates, job interviews, work functions, going out with friends you haven’t seen in a while….there are lots of reasons nerves and occasional anxiety creep into our bodies and minds. And unfortunately, they have a terrible way of getting the best of us.

Increasingly, people are turning to kava as a botanical “chill button”. Kava has key compounds with calming properties which can help sooth nerves and eliminate occasional stress and anxiety. When enjoyed in small quantities, it’s a natural way to decompress and be at our very best. 

    Are you ready to experience the most appealing freeing-feeling from some of the best botanics on Earth? Let feel free give you the boost you need on your day. 


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