Redefine Your Lifestyle with Kava and Botanic Tonics

Redefine Your Lifestyle with Kava and Botanic Tonics

You want to get out there and seize the day. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done. There are days when you want to crash and relax. Then, there are days when you could use a boost of focus to get through everything you want to do. Botanic Tonics knows how you feel and that’s why they created their kava drink, feel free tonic. It’s a drink that’s all about you. It puts you in control, whether you just want to chill or if you want to get out there and have fun!


Kava Is Your Partner for Adventure

You’re on the go, ready to hit the trail, catch that next wave, or launch down the mountain. You’re chasing the thrill and it’s chasing you right back. kava tonic helps focus the mind. The ancient plant, respected and consumed by a number of cultures throughout the South Pacific, comes with some pretty amazing properties. When you throw back a sip of feel free or take our kava capsules, the ancient plants go to work, helping to increase your focus and clarity. When you’re out doing what you love to do, that increased focus has the potential to change your experience. Imagine seeing details you never saw before or having a burst of energy to try something a little different to escape your comfort zone.

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Kava Takes You Where You Need to Go 

Kava isn’t all about pushing your limits. It’s also about finding bliss and calming the mind. That’s one of the other amazing properties of kava—it can simply help you feel good. It’s that feeling of bliss that a lot of people look for when they grab a feel free. While kava is great for focus, many people use kava for occasional stress—or to wind down after a day of action (or work). It’s a great way to help manage those moments when feels like your tension is going to get away from you. Or if you have too much on your mind after a long day. When the tensions melts away, you feel better. You feel free!



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Kava Complements Your Lifestyle

Carey Hart (@hartluck) is known around the world as a legend-status FMX athlete, off-road racer, entrepreneur, and family man—and he’s broken plenty of bones along the way. Whether he’s powering through a race (off-road trucks, these days) or chilling at the end of the day, Botanic Tonics is there to make the experience that much better. Hart is constantly pushing his own limits to discover just what he’s capable of. Now, Hart and Botanic Tonics have partnered to push the boundaries of what kava can be and how it can make a positive impact in your life, no matter what you’re into.

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Discover kava for yourself at Botanic Tonics.

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