Places to Settle Down & Enjoy a Kava Drink

Places to Settle Down & Enjoy a Kava Drink

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There’s something to be said about surrounding ourselves with creature comforts. It’s important. Comfort is the place we can retreat to in order to just be ourselves. It’s where we relax and inhabit a space exactly as we want to inhabit it. But what if you could add another layer of comfort and bliss to the experience? Now you can with a drink like kava!

Kava drinks can promote feelings of bliss and relaxation. This makes it the perfect pairing for settling in and immersing yourself in your “comfort zone.” How do you make it happen? It’s as easy as grabbing some kava and finding the perfect spot to enjoy it. Here are a few of the best spots where kava and comfort come together in true harmony.

Your Favorite Health Food Market in LA (Erewhon Market)

feel free erewhon kava tonic

Erewhon Market is everyone's favorite place to go if you live in LA or only visiting for a day. You will find all things health oriented. So it goes without being said, you will find our feel free kava based herbal tonic. It's a place where you will see LA social-lights, trainers, influencers and rich people with nothing better to do. Why is this a quintessential part of LA culture? One thing all of these people share in common is a genuine care and responsibility for their health and wellness. 

The kava tonic helps enhance your favorite activities. You'll find  people coming from yoga, running, cycling, surfing and kickboxing from all over the city to grab their feel free and their favorite snack at Erewhon. And one more thing to note: kava isn’t habit-forming. It’s safe and can give you energy without a crash later. 


Somewhere Surrounded by Nature

feel free in nature 

Let’s take our kava experience outside for a while. Feel free to be in nature. Let’s say goodbye to the comfy chair and the blanket fort. Instead, grab a hammock, some folding chairs, or a large, soft blanket. Maybe there’s a spot in the park or by the river where you can set the stage for the ultimate kava experience. Being outdoors in a hammock or blanket can help reconnect you to the natural world around you. Enjoy a drink, then kick back and take it all in. 

Those feelings of bliss mean more when you’re listening to birds chirp in the trees. Or the sound of the river coursing over rocks along the bank. Or maybe it’s the sound of a breeze rustling the leaves of the surrounding trees. Plus, you’re getting all-important sunlight. By itself, it can improve your mood. Add a drink like kava into the mix, and time in the sun is made all the better.


About Botanic Tonics

Botanic Tonics brings the power of kava right to your door, thanks to their convenient feel free Tonic. Made with kava and other ancient plants, feel free Tonic helps you feel good. It’s safe, effective, and one serving from the signature 2-ounce blue glass bottle is all it takes to start your journey. Enjoy the drink to wind down after a long week. Grab a bottle before heading to class or work to boost focus and productivity. Botanic Tonics’ feel free Tonic also works great as a social beverage. It’s a drink that encourages feelings of bliss and so much more.




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