How Botanic Tonics Gives You More Control Over Your Kava Experience

Kava is a remarkable plant. Cultivated throughout the South Pacific and Hawaii, the root of the kava plant can be turned into a drink. It’s a drink that brings feelings of calm, bliss, and focus. Enjoy it as a tea—or as a 2-ounce shot. That’s how Botanic Tonics does it. It’s all about enjoying kava on your terms. But what makes a 2-ounce bottle of kava special? It’s tailoring your experience to what you want to accomplish. Take half a shot (one ounce) and your kava experience will be one way. Take the full 2-ounce shot and your experience can bloom into something more. Here’s a look at the difference between the half-shot and full-shot and how you can benefit from both!

For the Kava Newbie

In every bottle of Botanic Tonics’ feel free kava tonic, you’ll find a blend of kava and other ancient plants, along with pineapple juice, coconut cream, and stevia leaf. Botanic Tonics recommends newcomers to the kava drink to try the half shot first. This helps you get a feel for it and you can gauge how your body responds. You’ll feel a mild numbness on the tongue, which is perfectly normal. From there you’ll gradually feel a sense of calm. How long it takes varies from person to person. You may start to feel the initial effects within a few minutes up to an hour. 

The Kava Half Shot

What are the effects of the half shot of Botanic Tonics’ feel free tonic? Many people describe a sense of calm and it’s not uncommon for thoughts to feel less cluttered. The half shot is for the college student with a paper due first thing in the morning and they need focus to power through the assignment. It’s for the employee who has to wrap up a project by 6 PM and they need a productivity boost. It’s also for the person who just wants to sit down with a book and to be immersed in the pages. The half shot of kava is all about focus, concentration, and productivity. You can also use kava for occasional anxiety. Both the half shot and full shot can help! 

Try Botanic Tonics feel free tonic for yourself today.


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