Get More Out of Your Summer Adventures with Kava

Get More Out of Your Summer Adventures with Kava


You lead an active lifestyle. You’re always on the go, and when summer hits, you’re out every weekend having a blast. From hiking to biking, you always have something going on. This summer is no exception. You already have a few adventures under your belt with plenty more on the horizon. Here’s a question for you: Have you ever brought kava tonic along for the adventure? 

feel free summer

It may sound like an odd question to ask, but if you’re already familiar with the drink, it makes total sense. It can take your summer adventures to new heights. This isn’t like drinking an energy drink or any beverage you’ve had before. It’s a safe and effective way to get more out of every adventure. Here are three reasons why you should pack kava on your next outing.

Kava Brings on the Vitality

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When you’re out on the trails, you want to feel vital and invigorated. Whether you’re skating, hiking, biking, mountain climbing, you want to feel connected to the present moment. Many people enjoy kava drink to achieve just that. While some people bring energy drinks or mixes, those can take your vitality in a different direction. They might help you feel invigorated and ready to take on the day, but they can also bring you down quickly. 

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Many energy drinks are loaded with sugar on top of all the vitamins and supplements. They get your heart pumping, but you can end up feeling jittery. You may end up crashing sooner than you thought. The right drink doesn’t do this. Rather, it can help bring you a cleaner form of invigoration. It’s a smooth rise, and there’s no crash later. You feel more prepared to take on your next adventure—whatever it may be.

Bring on the Focus 

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There’s nothing more essential to mountain climbing than focus. Well, that and the proper safety gear. Kava is known for its ability to promote an improved sense of focus. It doesn’t take much, either. Before you sort your climb, enjoy a serving and let it go to work. As you begin your ascent, you may notice that you’re more focused or “honed in” on the climb. 

feel free to focus

Of course, rock climbing is just one example where you can take advantage of kava’s focus-promoting properties. Enjoy a drink before you hit the surf or while paddleboarding. Enjoy it before a soccer match or a round of golf. Basically, whenever you want to boost your focus, reach for the kava. It’s as simple as that! 

Bring on the Chill Vibes

Kava can be invigorating. It can help you find your focus. But it can also bring on the chill. That is to say, when you just want to relax after a big adventure, kava’s there for you. Picture it: You’ve hiked five miles into the wildness. You’ve arrived at a clearing, and you’re surrounded by pine trees, mountain flowers, and an intensely blue lake. What could make this moment better? 

 feel free hot spring

Sit back and take it all in. The drink can help you feel a sense of calm. You can achieve this feeling after any day of adventure. The drink is really a great way to wind down after any activity. Used it as a recovery drink as you chill and let your body find some soothing comfort after pushing it to the limit. 

About Botanic Tonics

Botanic Tonics brings the power of kava right to your door, thanks to their convenient feel free Tonic. Made with kava and other ancient plants, feel free Tonic helps you feel good. It’s safe, effective, and one serving from the signature 2-ounce blue glass bottle is all it takes to start your journey. Enjoy the drink to wind down after a long week. Grab a bottle before heading to class or work to boost focus and productivity. Botanic Tonics’ feel free Tonic also works great as a social beverage. It’s a drink that encourages feelings of bliss and so much more! Looking for a convenient way to bring your kava on the go? Try our feel free kava capsules for all the same benefits packed into a capsule.

 Get ready for summer adventure with a kava drink at Botanic Tonics.

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