Crush Your Fitness Goals with Kava Kava

Crush Your Fitness Goals with Kava Kava

Take Your Fitness Goals by the Horns with Kava 


You’ve set your fitness goals. Now, it’s time to put in the work. With any goal, the greatest hurdle comes in taking those first few steps to get the ball rolling. But once you start putting in the effort, it becomes easier to keep that ball rolling toward the finish line. Of course, working toward your fitness goals becomes easier still when you have the resources and support to see them through. Whether you’ve set weekly, monthly, or yearly fitness goals (or all of the above), you might need a little extra boost and support to crush them. Support can come in many forms, but why not consider kava tonic? It’s a bit unconventional. As a kava tonic, however, it has the potential to support your fitness goals. Here’s how. 

What Is Kava and How Does It Relate to Fitness?

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Kava, or kava kava, is a plant from the South Pacific. It’s been used by various societies for centuries. The root of the kava plant can be dried and turned into a beverage. When consumed it comes with a whole host of benefits. Depending on how much you drink, it can be either very relaxing or provide enhanced focus and a feeling of invigoration. The list of benefits goes on, but as far as fitness is concerned, focus and invigoration are arguably the most important. Kava provides a way to give yourself a clean boost to help you get more out of your fitness routine. And it doesn’t matter what your fitness routine or goals look like. Kava is a versatile drink useful in any number of situations. Are you working toward running in a 5K or a marathon? Train with kava. Hitting the gym to bulk up? Sharpen your focus with kava. 

The Boost You Need to Get to the Next Level

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Keep in mind, kava is not a conventional energy drink or sports drink. It’s something very different. The boost it gives you is one of plant-based vitality. You can enjoy kava in addition to any sports beverages or workout supplements you may already be using as part of your routine. Think of kava as a way to give yourself an edge you might not otherwise have. More focus to perform more pushups or deadlifts. More vigor to push for one more mile. With every push or step, you get closer to your overall fitness goals.

Don’t Forget Recovery  

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A huge part of working toward and reaching your fitness goals comes down to recovery. You always need to give your body a chance to cool down and recover. Whether you’re building endurance or muscle, this is essential. Once again, kava can help. When you drink a larger amount, kava can help you relax after a workout. As an added bonus, you’ll feel great in the process. Recovery doesn’t get much better than that! So, as you work toward your fitness goals this year, incorporate kava into your routine and see where it takes you! Want to learn more about the benefits of kava supplements? Read more about kava and its benefits today. 

About Botanic Tonics

Botanic Tonics was founded with a simple idea in mind: to feel free. To make that happen, they blended kava with other ancient plants to create their feel free Tonic. Available in a distinctive 2-ounce blue glass bottle, Botanic Tonics’ feel free Tonic helps you reach new heights. Want to boost your productivity? Try a half-shot of the feel free Tonic. Want to feel calm and relaxed? Have 1 ounce of feel free. From enhancing focus to encouraging feelings of calm and bliss, Botanic Tonics’ feel free Tonic is a unique way to feel good and feel free. 


Find your new fitness companion with Botanic Tonics.

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