Botanic Tonics: Driving Growth and Excellence in Oklahoma

Botanic Tonics: Driving Growth and Excellence in Oklahoma

By Charles Graffeo, Chief Operating Officer at Botanic Tonics Production Facility 

Since joining Botanic Tonics as the Chief Operating Officer in April 2023, I have witnessed tremendous growth and expansion at our production facility in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. What began as a single manufacturing facility with 30,000 square feet has evolved into a thriving hub of production, fulfillment, and distribution, now spanning an impressive 93,250 square feet. Our state-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated workforce drive our success. 

In just one year, we have doubled our bottle production and increased our Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) from 50% to an impressive 80-85%. Our commitment to quality is evident in the relocation of our Research & Development Quality lab from California to Tulsa, allowing us to enhance the quality experience and streamline testing processes. With plans to install an additional packaging line in the third quarter of 2024, we are poised for even greater growth.  

At Botanic Tonics, we prioritize the safety of our employees and the quality of our products. Daily safety huddles, routine audits, and adherence to OSHA regulations ensure that safety remains at the forefront of our operations. Our Quality lab utilizes cutting-edge instruments, such as HPLC, LCMS, and ICP-MS, to guarantee the highest standards in our products from raw materials to finished goods. Every batch is analyzed, and all documents are reviewed to ensure that we have strict compliance for our cGMP program. We are also working towards ISO 17025 accreditation, further demonstrating our commitment to excellence. 

The exceptional skills and dedication of our workforce are the backbone of our success. Over the last 12 months, our employee headcount has grown from under 40 to over 70 employees across fulfillment, production, maintenance, R&D, Quality Control, Administration, and Distribution & Logistics. From the precision of our batch operators to the keen eye of our packaging line workers and the expertise of our quality control technicians, every team member plays a crucial role in delivering flawless products to our customers. Their attention to detail and adherence to our core values have been instrumental in our achievements, including maintaining high quality standards, achieving a year without workplace accidents, and earning cGMP and Kosher certifications.  

Our Tulsa facility not only serves our Direct Store Delivery representatives and E-Commerce Sales Division but also contributes to the local community and the state of Oklahoma. Since April 2023, we have increased job opportunities in Tulsa by over 50%, with further growth expected as we expand our Fulfillment Operations Center and Distribution Center. 

As a Chief Operating Officer, my greatest pride and satisfaction come from providing a stable company and a "family" culture that empowers our employees. Our "one team, one goal, one focus" mindset has created a platform for continuous growth and prosperity. The passion, work ethic, and integrity of our employees set Botanic Tonics apart from its competitors and drive our mission to deliver world-class quality and exceed customer expectations.  

Looking to the future, the prospects for Botanic Tonics in Oklahoma are boundless. With our strong market traction and ongoing investments in infrastructure, we are well-positioned for sustained growth. I am confident that our exceptional team will continue to innovate, collaborate, and deliver outstanding results, making Botanic Tonics a leader in the industry. 

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