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Reviewed by Erin Berthold

Throwing back double-shot espressos all day and switching to margaritas by midnight can’t be the only way to stay on top of the demands of modern life. 

Kava drinks can infuse good feelings into your day without the crashes and hangovers. And now, on top of drinks, products are available in capsule form.

To make you as excited as we are, we’ve outlined everything to expect when enjoying this portable, taste-free form of kava and other ancient plants. From ingredients and serving size recommendations down to the nitty-gritty of storage temperature, you’ll be a kava capsule connoisseur sooner than you think.

From the South Pacific to Your Supermarket

What is kava? As mentioned, the kava kava plant, commonly referred to as kava, is native to the South Pacific islands. Communities in the South Pacific islands have used  kava root powder from wild pepper plant to relax and connect during social gatherings and local ceremonies for centuries.[1]

Another ancient plant from Southeast Asia called Mitragyna speciosa, also known as kratom, may enhance focus and provide energy. 

Now, the larger international community can enjoy this plant through elixirs and capsules available at stores across the United States.

Capsules are the newest form to conveniently enjoy kava. As a newer kava product, there can be some confusion around their efficacy and serving sizes. Let’s start with how effective they are.

Effectiveness of Kava Capsules

Feel Free capsule

Are kava capsules effective? This all comes down to the blend of ingredients. Botanic Tonics uses a unique 10:1 ratio of kava to other ancient plants or herbs in their feel free products to seamlessly combine focus with relaxation.

The blissful blend can calm occasional stress and occasional anxiety symptoms, enhance focus, and make social situations a breeze. That’s what makes just one serving of these intelligent ingredients so unique and versatile, from working out to going out.

Kava root extract is the principal ingredient in the capsules that we have to thank for the calming effect and general sense of well-being. Leaf kratom as an ingredient may help boost focus and productivity, balancing out this calming effect from the kava. 

What Do Kava Capsules Feel Like?

The common wonder of newcomers to kava is what the experience is like. Whether taking kava pills or consuming the drink, you may notice an:

  • Ease in social situationsBy drinking kava or taking kava capsulesyou can enjoy a social lubrication, feeling of ease, and improved mood, without the next day’s discomfort. 
  • Increase in productivity No matter the level of difficulty of a task at hand, focusing for hours at a time can prove difficult. The leaf kratom in kava capsules may give you that natural energy boost and help you drop into deep focus. Sipping on coffee or energy drinks often causes caffeine crashes and uncomfortable digestive discomfort.[2] Who wants that?
  • Clean energy boost – From a morning pick-me-up to the post-lunch slump, you can count on kava capsules to give you a natural, clean energy boost—sans the jitters and nerves.

Although there are some differences between the drinks and capsules, capsules are no less effective at providing you with the intended effect. Additionally, they offer some neat benefits their drink cousin can’t compete with.

Unique Benefits of Kava Capsules

When looking at kava drinks and capsules side-by-side, there are several bonuses to going for the small but mighty capsules:

  • No taste – If you’re a bit sensitive to the taste of the kava elixir, capsules are your best bet for a taste-free way to enjoy the powers of this pepper plant without any numbing of the mouth or strong flavor.
  • Portable – Kava capsules travel well in your go-to canvas tote, ginormous gym bag, or favorite fanny pack. Compared to the elixir, the capsules are lightweight and easy for you to transport.
  • No refrigeration Although you do need to keep them away from temperatures above 75°F, in no way do you need to refrigerate them. There are more in-depth storage tips for maximizing the life span of your kava capsules below.

Serving Size, Wait Time, and Duration

Kava root extract can be found in capsules and different types of drinks like kava tea. If you’re already familiar with the kava drink, you’ll notice some slight differences in serving size and wait time between consumption and effect. The effects of kava extract last for the same amount of time, regardless of your choice between kava pills vs drink products.

What is the Recommended Serving Size of Kava Capsules?

A single serving or dose of kava pills is three capsules. This infuses you with the perfect amount of clean energy to jump from task to task with ease.

Limit your kava use to two servings per day, whether it's traditional kava powder or a capsule. Make sure to space out the times in which you enjoy these two servings as well. Realistically, this could look like taking one serving before you go to the gym in the morning and another a few hours after a work lunch to power through the rest of the day.

How Long Until the Effects Start to Show?

You can feel the effects of a single serving in as little as 30 minutes upon taking the supplements. If we compare this to kava elixirs, which take about 10 to 15 minutes to show effects, capsules offer a more gradual ease into this relaxed, focused state.

How Long Will the Effects Last For?

So, how long does kava lastAfter taking a single serving of kava, you can expect to feel the effects for up to 3 to 4 hours. A few hours after this point, you’re welcome to enjoy a second serving if you could benefit from it—we won’t judge. Just make sure to stay within those two servings per day.

How to Properly Store Your Kava Capsules

To maximize the shelf life of your capsules, practicing proper storage is a must. Although they are slightly lower maintenance when you compare them to kava drinks, they do require a few unique care practices. 

When storing your kava capsules, make sure to avoid: 

  • Damp spaces 
  • Extremely cold or hot conditions 
  • Leaving them out of the package

How do kava capsules work best? If you safeguard them in a cool, dry place under 75°F—think cabinet or closet—they are sure to keep well. You are welcome to pop them into a bag when you’re out of the house, but just make sure you don’t expose them to any damp or overly warm environments for an extended period of time as this can damage them.

    Do Kava Capsules Expire?

    All good things must come to an end and, unfortunately, kava capsules are no different. Make sure to enjoy your supply of capsules within the first 12 months from the listed date of manufacture on the package.

    How and When to Enjoy Kava Capsules

    Okay, so you’re now an expert on the unique offerings, effect specifications, and storage requirements of kava capsules. Time for the fun part—learning about all of the situations in which taking kava capsules can enhance your day-to-day.

    While there are plenty of kava supplement benefits, one of the best ones is the convenience of taking your favorite kava product almost anywhere with you.

    Consider using kava capsules as a:

    • Travel buddy – Whether you’re hopping on trains, planes, automobiles, or all three, you probably will need to refresh yourself while you’re on the go. Capsules make the ideal lightweight clean energy boost to take with just a bit of water. Next time you’re being Mr. or Mrs. Worldwide, don’t forget to pack your natural, clean energy source.

    • Pre-workout boost – Who said working out needed to involve chugging an impossibly-large, and questionably-tasting, bottle of pre-workout? Taking a single serving of three kava capsules 30 minutes before you begin your workout is a simple, clean way to improve your sweat session.

    • Study partner – No matter if you’re on team café or team library, sometimes you still need a focus booster to optimize your work. Kava capsules can offer a crash-free focus and energy boost while you study or work, even calming the occasional anxiety and stress that we know all too well can come with work-related tasks.

    • Post-lunch lift – Need to skip your siesta today? There’s an alternative to chugging the unfathomably large cup of joe that leaves you with jitters and ends with a crash! If you have lunch around 2 pm, enjoy a serving of kava around 3 so that during the second shift of the day, from 3:30 to around 8:30, your attention is still as sharp as a tack.

    • Night out – If you’re looking for an mood booster that doubles as a social lubricant, consider kava before heading over to that karaoke bar or all-night beach party. Although the kava elixir doubles as a literal drink alternative, the capsules are just as effective and will comfortably fit in your pocket or going-out bag if you’re running late and don’t want to drink.

    Blissful Boosts with Botanic Tonics’ Kava Capsules

    Feel Free Capsules

    Instead of setting yourself up for jitters, crashes, and headaches, opt for an herbal supplement that actually promotes balance and gives you a clean, focused source of energy. Opt for kava.

    If you’re considering giving kava a go, invest in a brand with high-quality standards so you can enjoy kava with ease. At Botanic Tonics, we craft all of our feel free products with your enhancement in mind.

    Whether you’re looking to experience the power of ancient plants in elixir or capsule form, or both, we send our products right to your doorstep, making more options just that much more accessible. Shop our feel free kava tonic or kava capsules today and take the first step toward a brighter, better you.


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