feel free wellness tonic = special blend of euphorics and adaptogens


Feel Free Euphoric
Different kinds of beverages have been used by drink enthusiasts, like adaptogen spiked coffee, Kombucha, and herbal tea. These beverages produce a feeling of wellness by regulating different hormones, body function, and stress levels. The latest drink which has joined this club is Kava. What is Kava? Why are people showing interest in buying Kava roots? How does Kava work to offer health benefits?
All of these answers are discussed below;

What is Kava?

Kava is a non-addictive South Pacific plant used as an herbal supplement because of its properties. Kava plant beverages are produced from its roots via a cold water extraction process. The active ingredient present in Kava is kavalactone which is forced into the water by kneading and massaging of Kava roots.   
kava root
Kava herb has been utilized to treat various health and discomfort-related feelings like bad mood and sleep quality. Kava has potential stress-relieving, and uplifting mood benefits, making you more relaxed and socially active to perform your daily tasks. The same way a wine glass eases your occasional stress, Kava does the same without impairing your ability to operate or disturbing your thought process. You can continue performing all your work, proceeding clear-headed. Instead, it makes you more focused on your task by clearing unnecessary, disturbing thoughts from your mind. 

Why choose to feel free? 

The feeling developed upon drinking a kava tonic feels like a boost of excitement and produces a state of calmness and relaxation. Unlike alcohol, you will not experience dizziness, stopping you from hanging out and working with a conscious mind. Instead, it produces a feeling of deep bliss without disturbing your thought development process.

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