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Pheel you.

Chasing feelings of calm, weightlessness and euphoria in this strange new world has become something of a fool’s errand. Like, trying to whip a lasso around a cloud floating along a baby blue sky or bottle up a bolt of lightning thrown by Zeus himself. In these moments when we’re hoping for euphoria but coming up empty handed, it’s worthwhile to reach for Feel Free.

Feel free is a euphoric elixir concocted from two ancient plants native to Pacific Islands and SouthEast Asia.

root from the Pacific Islands has long believed to promote calm feelings of euphoria by quieting stubborn ailments like anxiety, stress, insomnia and headaches. While the coffee-like leaf, on the other hand, boasts mild psychotropic effects that enhance energy, relaxation, pleasure, sociability and alternates. 
In other words, the roots quiets the soul while leaf sharpens the mind. These effects, when combined in the form of Feel Free, have been described as… 

Absolutely Liberating.

However, before you untwist that bottle please note that everyone’s neurochemistry, hormones, sleep quality and stress levels vary drastically, which can have an impact on how you respond to euphoric. 

Our tonics are strong. They kick like a mule (in a good electric-euphoric sort of way). 



The Botanic Team.