4 Reasons to try a Kava Bar

4 Reasons to try a Kava Bar

For the past decade, the kava craze has slowly swept across the country, quietly growing in popularity. As it stands, it may possibly be one of the most underrated trends not yet making waves on social media. As 2022 rolls in and you start putting together your list of resolutions and goals, consider adding kava to your routine by exploring the new kava bars that are popping up around you. Here are four great reasons to skip your neighborhood pub and instead enjoy yourself at a local kava bar.

It’s Something New to Experience

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New experiences, new places, and new people are the most exciting gifts life can give you. If you’ve got a goal to try new things this year, a kava bar is the perfect thing to add to the list. Like a typical bar, kava bars don’t often serve much food, so always make sure you have a little something in your stomach before you go. But instead of feeling a hangover the following day, you can experience a refreshed feeling of calm.

If you’re new to kava entirely, a kava bar is one of the best places you can try it. By visiting a local kava bar, you can get specially crafted kava-based drinks from an expert who is familiar with the herb. Often, if you let the bartender or mixologist know that you’re new to kava, they can walk you through some unique options and figure out which of their menu items is best for you. 

A Social New Year

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At a kava bar, you can still get the same fun, social vibes without the bar fights, according to anecdotal stories from kava-tenders nationwide.

As kava bars continue to grow in popularity, you’ll find many with different settings and themes to match your vibes and preferences. Today, many kava bars are expanding to offer additional, non-alcoholic supplements, such as kratom, custom herbal tea blends, or even home-brewed kombucha. If you find that kratom or other ancient herbs are more your style, try looking for a kratom bar specifically to experience all the options available.

Hold On to Resolutions

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The idea of a “Healthy New Year” isn’t a foreign one. Many people set fitness or nutrition goals for themselves at the start of the new year, and if that’s one of your resolutions, consider trying kava. Many kava drinks have little to no added sugar, are brewed primarily with water and the kava herb, and don’t leave you with a lingering headache the next day.

If you’re looking to herbs or other ancient plants as supplements for other resolutions, such as moving away from synthetic pre-workout supplements, consider a few alternatives. Caffeine from green or black tea, as well as coffee, has often been used as a pre-workout boost. Even some kratom beverages can help provide a boost before a workout or extra energy to aid in your recovery after a hard gym session.

Battle Occasional Anxiety

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If you’ve decided to give yourself a little more kindness and focus on your mental health in the new year, kava could be a great herb for you to try. While many things can contribute to better mental health, such as meditation, journaling, counseling, and exercise, kava can also provide a few subtle benefits. There are several studies available now that point to kava having a positive impact on occasional anxiety. While it may not be the only resource available to you, it’s easily within reach. Start making a healthier choice to skip your regular bar and try a kava bar after a stressful day at work. The relaxation and chill vibes can help to quiet some of the negativity in your mind and help you focus on a sunnier day ahead. 

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