4 Reasons Kava Is the Best Alternative for Alcohol and Coffee

4 Reasons Kava Is the Best Alternative for Alcohol and Coffee

Here’s Why Kava is a Better Drink Than Alcohol and Coffee


If we’re being honest, alcohol and coffee don’t exactly fit into the food pyramid. Sure, wine and whisky can help you unwind after a long day, and coffee offers a socially acceptable boost that has become ubiquitous in the workplace. But aren’t we glossing over the side effects? Regular coffee consumption can negatively impact your blood pressure and can even result in long-term issues like insomnia or increased feelings of occasional anxiety. Alcohol use over time can result in dependence, depression, liver diseases, and cancer–not to mention the immediate dangers it presents when used irresponsibly. Fortunately, there’s a natural way to relax with friends and boost productivity, without alcohol or coffee and their respective pitfalls. It’s called kava, and if you aren’t a kava enthusiast, here are four reasons why it works great as a coffee and alcohol alternative.

Kava Can Do Both


If this sounds difficult to believe, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Drinks made with kava kava and other ancient plants can increase your focus and enhance productivity in small doses of about one fluid ounce. In larger quantities–about two fluid ounces–kava is perfect for relaxing with friends, all without alcohol and caffeine. After all, kava comes from the South Pacific and Southeast Asia, where various cultures have used it for wellness and as a social lubricant for centuries.

No Crash or Hangover with Kava

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Kava offers real benefits so you can avoid the hangovers and the jitters that accompany modern staples like alcohol and coffee. Whether you want to knock out a solid day of work or kick back at home and watch the game, a kava drink can give you the experience you’re looking for without the same habit-forming consequences. Let’s face it: Hangovers and the post-coffee crash can lead to dependence. That same risk isn’t an issue when you enjoy a kava drink. 


Kava Can Help Ease Occasional Anxiety

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From current events around the world to the number of likes on your latest profile pic, we live in an age where there’s always plenty to occupy your mind. Maybe you and a coworker are neck and neck for that promotion, or you might be having difficulty connecting with your new in-laws. People have various methods for dealing with feelings of occasional anxiety and other negative emotions that follow. Kava is an increasingly popular choice for people looking to decompress. The kavalactones in a kava drink interact with your body to reduce that on-edge feeling and bring you a sense of calm. Kava can add bliss to your exercise, meditation, or whatever activity you prefer when it comes to winding down at the end of the day.

 Avoid Blurry or Jittery Side Effects with Kava

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 Alcohol and coffee can both have adverse side effects in the short term. When you’re drinking liquor, impaired judgment and slurred speech are common. On the other hand, coffee can leave you feeling so sped up that you lose focus, and time just doesn’t seem to pass. Kava drinks make the perfect alcohol alternative drink and coffee alternatives. A smaller serving helps your productivity, and a larger serving gets you the content feeling that helps the stress of the day fade away: no jitters, no blurry vision, and no rash decisions. Read all about the differences of kava vs alcohol and the benefits that kava offers.


About Botanic Tonics

With the power of kava and other ancient plants, Botanic Tonics helps you recharge your life. It’s all thanks to their Feel Free Wellness Tonic. This drink comes in a simple two-ounce glass bottle. One full shot is all it takes to find your bliss. Enjoy Botanic Tonics’ beverage to wind down after a hectic week. Use it to rediscover your center as you meditate. Or enjoy a half-shot to get focused when you need to be productive. You can even use the Feel Free Wellness Tonic as an alcohol alternative. It works as a social lubricant, helping you feel open and engaged at parties and other social events. Botanic Tonics helps you feel good and feel free.


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