3 Calming Ingredients to Help You Find Your Center

3 Calming Ingredients to Help You Find Your Center

When You Want to Relax, These 3 Herbs Can Help

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When your day starts to get the better of you, how do you unwind? Maybe you go for a run through the park or grab a paddleboard and head to the beach. Or if the beach is out of reach, maybe you brew a soothing cup of tea. When you want to relax and practice mindfulness, a soothing drink with the right herbs becomes your companion to help you break through life’s stressors. There are a bounty of herbs, spices, roots, and flowers that help soothe and calm. From lavender to kava tonic, these are herbs that help us relax, find focus, and bring our true selves back into view. Here are three of those herbs—herbs that when brewed can take us on the journey to return to our center. 

Chill Out with Lavender 


Lavender is one of the most popular herbs out there. The pale purple flower is renowned for its lightly floral, yet distinct, aroma, as well as its ability to calm. Compounds in lavender and lavender essential oil, known as terpenes, can help us achieve that calm. When you want to unwind, diffusing lavender essential oil or burning lavender candles guides you away from the busy of your day. Take it further by adding lavender essential oil, or a lavender bath bomb, to a warm bath and let the aroma envelop you in pure relaxation. Bring your lavender experience to a head with a freshly brewed cup of lavender tea and let every worry wash away. 

Find Focus with Kava 

kava root

Made from the kava kava plant (the dried roots, specifically), kava is a safe and effective way to calm the mind. Enjoyed for centuries by peoples throughout the South Pacific, the root has a long history of use. The root is brewed into a tea and used in ceremonies and enjoyed in social settings. In addition to its calming properties, it helps its drinkers find focus. As your mind achieves calm, it becomes easier to process thought. You may even enter a state of mild bliss. You can find a pre-prepared kava drink and enjoy the benefits whenever you like. This makes kava an ideal companion as you meditate and journey to your center. 

Calm the Mind with Valerian 

valerian root

Valerian, or valerian root, is commonly brewed as tea. The herb has long been used by people to gain control of feelings or busy thoughts. If you’ve found yourself endeavoring to relax, meditate, or sleep only to achieve little as your mind races from one thought to the next, valerian may help slow those thoughts. The brewed root helps you achieve a calmer, quieter mind—and may even help you feel more relaxed overall. Many people enjoy a cup of valerian root tea about 30 minutes before going to bed. And like kava, it makes a wonderful meditative companion. 

About Botanic Tonics 

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