What Makes Botanic Tonics Kava Drink the Ideal Alcohol Alternative?

What Makes Botanic Tonics Kava Drink the Ideal Alcohol Alternative?

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Have you been looking for an alcohol alternative? You may have done a few internet searches, but you aren’t sure what to go with. Some options seem promising while others don’t. You know you need a product that’s made with safe and effective ingredients. You also want something that helps you unwind, kind of like alcohol. Here’s an option to consider: Botanic Tonics’ Feel Free Wellness Tonic. Our kava drink comes in a small two-ounce bottle and it’s an excellent solution. It’s made with a mix of safe and effective ingredients—including kava kava and other ancient plants—that give you that feeling you’re looking for. Here’s what makes it the ideal alcohol alternative.

Feel Free to Say Goodbye to Alcohol 

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For many people, this is the biggest reason they want an effective alcohol alternative. They’re ready to say goodbye to alcohol. Of course, it can be easier said than done. Removing alcohol from your life comes with its challenge. But when you have an alcohol alternative drink you can easily turn to, that challenge becomes a little easier to navigate. It can come down to finding an alcohol alternative that works for you. Botanic Tonics’ Feel Free Wellness Tonic can “mimic” many of the effects of alcohol. These effects include feelings of bliss and contentment. Kava can also act as a social lubricant, helping you feel more open. Whether you’re just a social drinker or you enjoy meeting up with friends for a cocktail on the regular, kava has the potential to help you find a new path.

You Want to Enjoy a Night Out with Friends

feel free to skip alcohol

Social gatherings can be a place where alcoholic beverages just keep coming. If you’re interested in a social drinking experience or you always enjoy social gatherings, kava can be an excellent option. If you drink alcohol for the social lubrication aspect, not drinking can make a night out more difficult. Kava changes that. Drink a Feel Free Wellness Tonic before you head out, and then you can enjoy the company rather than the alcohol—and you’ll feel more socially present in each moment. Alternatively, if social gatherings make you nervous or you prefer smaller social gatherings, try kava for occasional anxiety. Once again, it can help you feel more present and in the moment.

 You Don’t Want to Deal with the Side Effects

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Alcohol comes with its share of side effects. These range from lack of inhibition to dehydration and headaches. When you don’t want to deal with these or any of the negative side effects of alcohol, an alcohol alternative like Botanic Tonics’ Feel Free Wellness Tonic, gives you a different option. You can still enjoy some of the more positive aspects that come along with drinking alcohol without worrying about waking up with a pounding headache in the morning. Talk about a win all around!

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