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Kava is an herbal remedy made from the Piper methysticum's lateral roots – a plant found in the Pacific Ocean's islands. In the lengthy history of kava, it has been found highly beneficial to people across the world. Drinking kava-based tonics is strongly associated with increased mental clarity, relaxing the body, and improving attitude. Let's take a look into the top reasons to drink kava-based tonics you may not know.

Kava Fights Off Sickness
When you get sick, you feel miserable, and sometimes it takes weeks to heal. One of the least known benefits of kava is that it strengthens the immune system and helps you stave off the contagious illness.
Say Goodbye To Jet Lag with Kava
If you often travel, mostly across time zones, you must struggle to maintain a steady sleep pattern. Lack of proper sleep is damaging to physical and mental health. Jet lag makes it difficult to adapt to a normal routine, and complete simple tasks seem impossible to finish. Kava is used to avoiding the jet lag effects and helps your body follow a regular sleep schedule. 
Kava Improves Memory 
Kava works on the brain's parts, such as the hippocampus and amygdala. These two brain parts enable us to store all the information in either short or long-term memory and hence improves the memory while calming the body simultaneously.
Kava Relieves Arthritis Pain
Arthritis can cause inflammation and swelling. These symptoms result in soreness and stiffness that make it challenging to move around. Those who experience arthritis pain cannot perform ordinary tasks or participate in fun activities with friends and family. Thanks to the analgesic properties of kava, it can ease arthritis pain for many hours and allow people to enjoy life.
Kava is a Diuretic 
Another least-known health benefit of kava is that it's diuretic and it helps reduce excess fluids in the body. Excess fluid could be due to infections and blood pressure issues. Drinking kava-based tonics flushes the system and can be significantly helpful to those who have urinary tract infections. Even if you're experiencing water retention or feeling bloated from having the wrong foods, kava can provide some relief.
Kava is gaining popularity and is considered an enjoyable and safe beverage. If you're not a tea lover, it can be mixed with candies and foods also. The great thing about kava-based tonics is that you have multiple options for your lifestyle. With the aim to effectively meet customer requirements with classy taste, Botanic Tonics is offering premium quality kava-based tonics that are achieving tremendous popularity in the market. Our products promote relaxation and socialization and are being used to treat several other conditions, including anxiety, stomach problems, muscle spasms, etc. 
Disclaimer: Botanic Tonics makes every effort to make sure the information provided is up-to-date and accurate. However, the information mentioned herein can be time-sensitive. The warning absence for kava in no way should be considered as appropriate or effective for any given patient. Must consult with your healthcare provider before starting using kava.