Take a Break from Alcohol - Drink Feel Free

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Take a Break from Alcohol - Drink Feel Free

Even if you don’t live on one of the scattered, tiny Pacific islands, you might have heard about the plant called Kava (Piper methysticum). Right now, it’s all the rage in the sober community that is steadily growing at a rapid pace. People are becoming highly interested in drinking kava and other ancient plants. In this one-speed, fast paced, social media hyped world we live in, people want a reason to go back to nature and hold on to ancient cultures. From millennials to baby boomers, people are searching for a natural way to have fun and relax that doesn’t involve taking drugs or drinking alcohol. If you can relate, a kava drink like feel free might be for you. Kava is entirely different from drugs and alcohol as it is a plant-based remedy for enhancing the mood. 

  • Chasing feelings in this strange new world has become something of a fool’s errand. Like, trying to whip a lasso around a cloud floating along a baby blue sky or bottle up a bolt of lightning thrown by Zeus himself. In these moments when we’re hoping for bliss a but coming up empty-handed, it’s worthwhile to reach for Feel Free. 

  • Are you looking for a method to stop slurring your words or slipping into the party brain fog that happens with drinking too much alcohol? Feel free is not associated with offensive behavior or aggression, but quite the opposite. Even one sip of Feel Free may put you at peace and chill you out. This is the prime reason it has been traditionally served in tribal negotiations and a token drink of festivals and ceremonial occasions. While the bliss relaxes your body, the mind becomes more focused, and cognition is not impaired. Read about all the benefits of kava and the differences of kava vs alcohol on your body.  

    What does our tonic Feel Free FEEL like?

    It can take up to 30 minutes for the effects to start settling in. It will taste earthy and potent at first. Our tonics are strong. They kick like a mule (in a good electric sort of way). We recommend to start with a sip and move up to half the bottle for first-time users.  Once you understand how your body boogies with our tonic, you can move up to a full bottle. Users report: "sipping half in the morning is the key to prime bliss." The kavalactone effect usually begins to manifest in the brain before working its way down to the body. The first feeling you will get is bliss and a total sense of relaxation. However, before you untwist that cap, please note that everyone’s neurochemistry, hormones, sleep quality and stress levels vary drastically, which can have an impact on how you respond to it. Consult with your doctor or medical professional with any questions related to your personal medical situation.
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    Feel Free Will Not Impact Clear-Headedness, if anything it promotes laser focus

    Our feel free tonic does not impair one’s mind or motor functions. You may feel significantly care-free, relaxed and energized. Kava can make you feel social and mentally stimulated. It’s perfect for pre and post workouts and will put you in the mood for action.  You may find your occasional anxieties melt away while at the same time you might feel like running up and down a flight of stairs. In other words- kava quiets the soul while the other ancient plants sharpen the mind. These effects, when combined in the form of Feel Free, have been described as…  “Absolutely Liberating.
    Unlike drugs or alcohol, if you consume too much of our tonic, you should still be entirely coherent. Your decision-making doesn’t become compromised, you don’t hallucinate, and you can hold a conversation well. Given all the positive and beneficial effects, one can easily acknowledge why kava bars are opening up all across the United States. Try it for yourself!