Sourcing Kava Ethically—Why It Matters to Botanic Tonics

Sourcing Kava Ethically—Why It Matters to Botanic Tonics

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Kava, also known as kava kava, is a plant native to the South Pacific. You can find it on the numerous islands scattered throughout Polynesia and into Hawaii. The plant is steeped in traditions that go back centuries. It’s used in ceremonies, rituals, and social gatherings by many Pacific Island cultures. When you enjoy a drink made with kava kava—such as Botanic Tonics’ feel free tonic—it’s important to recognize the source of the drink and treat that source with respect. By extension, the kava you enjoy should be sourced ethically and responsibly.

Kava’s Rich History in the South Pacific

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Kava has long been cultivated across dozens of islands in the South Pacific. While the true origins of kava are not known, it’s suspected that the first plants were cultivated 2-3,000 years ago by seafaring cultures. Since those earliest days, the plant gained prominence and grew to hold a high social standing among several island peoples. It was thanks to kava’s transformative properties that people took notice. When consumed, it induces a calm state of mind, which can slowly turn to bliss. For many people, it became a spiritual drink. For others, it was a drink of celebration. In Hawaii, certain varieties of kava were reserved for the ali’i, or ruling class, long before it was colonized. 

Ancient Traditions (and Plants) Realized


Since then, people from Vanuatu to Hawaii have refined the kava farming process, developing and refining cultivars for both traditional ceremonies and commercial use. You can find kava farms in New Guinea, Vanuatu, Tonga, Fiji, and Hawaii—along with a great many other islands. Many of these farms are small and family-run. Some farms focus on certain cultivars with different potencies and uses. But with so many different cultivars, some island nations regulate kava to ensure their exports meet the highest standards. This approach makes it easier for companies like Botanic Tonics to source their kava kratom drink not just ethically, but consistently, as well. 

A New Way to Enjoy Kava

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Botanic Tonics formulated their kava drink to be consistent from one bottle to the next. That way when you sip the drink, you can expect the same results every time. That’s important when you’re going for that feeling of calming and bliss. A big reason why it’s possible comes down to consistent, ethical sourcing. The process has been refined to the point that it’s become easier to find kava that’s responsibly farmed. That way, when you take that sip of Botanic Tonics’ feel free tonic, you don’t just feel good in mind and body, but consciousness as well.  

Botanic Tonics formulated their kava drink to be consistent from one bottle to the next.




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