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When you love something sometimes you just want to share it with the world. Fans of Botanic Tonics’ Feel Free Wellness Tonic know the feeling. The Feel Free Wellness Tonic is made with kava kava and other ancient plants. These plants come together to deliver a feeling of bliss and vitality that’s hard to beat. Of course, when you want to sing the praises of a product you love, you could post about it on social media—as many Feel Free fans already do—or you can join Botanic Tonics’ Ambassador Program and get even more out of this amazing kava drink. It’s all about sharing your love of kava with the world while getting rewarded at the same time. Here’s what you should know about the Botanic Tonics Ambassador Program.


Get with the Program


What is the Botanic Tonics Ambassador Program? You can find links to the program on the Botanic Tonics website, but here’s a quick overview. All you do is enroll in the program. They make the process as easy as possible. After signing up, you get a unique code to share with friends, family, and followers. They get 20% off their first order. And from then on, every referral earns you 40% off every order made with your code. They save, you save, and everyone gets to experience this next-level kava!


Share the Love

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Why share the love? Whether you’re sharing your kava experience on social media, writing up a quick review on the Botanic Tonics website, or just talking about it with friends, sharing your love of kava is a big deal. Here’s a prime example: If you picked up some kava for anxiety, sharing your experience can serve as inspiration for others. There are so many people looking for ways to alleviate the tense, uncomfortable feelings that come with anxiousness. Posting about your experience on social media about how Feel Free helped you can benefit others who are in search of relief.


Tell Your Kava Story 

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To take that further, don’t hesitate to share your kava story. Why do you drink kava? Some people heard about it on a podcast and wanted to see what kava was all about. Others have been looking for new ways to relax. Then there are those in search of an alcohol alternative that actually works. Maybe you picked up Feel Free to experience it as a euphoric drinkWe all have our kava stories, some short and some long, and they’re all worth telling!


Other Ways to Share Your Love of Kava 

Feel Free Beanie

Want to share your love of kava beyond posting about it? Head over to the Botanic Tonics Feel Free apparel shop. Just like the Ambassador Program, you can find the shop right on their website (it’s a separate shop from their Feel Free Wellness page). Get all kinds of Feel Free merch, like their cord bucket hats or beanies. Or go for the classic T-shirt. All of their swag is emblazoned with the Feel Free logo so you can show off your kava love wherever you go.

Join the Botanic Tonics Ambassador Program and share the love at botanictonics.com

Reach out to our team directly with any questions hi@botanictonics.com