Kava is Your New Year Alcohol Alternative

Try Kava as an Alcohol Alternative in the New Year 

Kava alcohol alternative

Going into the new year, people set all kinds of goals for themselves. From getting into shape to eating better to traveling more, there is no limit to the goals you can set. One goal that doesn’t always get talked about is dropping alcohol. After partying on New Year’s Eve, many people commit to “Dry January” and give up alcoholic beverages for the month. As they get into it, it’s not uncommon for people to take it a step further and cut hard alcohol out of their routines completely. Like many big goals, it isn’t an easy journey, but with the right tools and mindset, it’s 100% possible. One way to kick things off is to seek out an alcohol alternative drink —something that gives you a beverage to hold and can even simulate the effects to a degree. So, what’s that alternative? Kava!

Why Saying Goodbye to Hard Drinks is a Great Goal

feel free alcohol alternative

Whether you’re a social drinker, enjoy a drink with dinner, or use it to wind down after a long day, saying goodbye to hard beverages comes with plenty of advantages. There are benefits to your well-being. You may feel better or feel more clear-headed. That said, the benefits can be different for each person and impact you differently based on how much you drink, but you may start to notice positive changes. No matter your situation, it’s an admirable goal and worth exploring if it’s something you’ve been considering.

Why Turning to a Kava Drink Makes Sense

euphoric feeling alcohol alternative

What makes kava a useful alcohol alternative? If you’re familiar with kava or kava-based beverages, you know it can have a calming effect. Depending on how much you drink, it can simulate some of the effects of alcohol—it usually doesn’t take much! Kava can bring about a sense of bliss or contentment, and many people also drink kava to break through their occasional social anxiety. Kava for occasional anxiety alone is a big deal, but for those who reach for a hard beverage to bring down that feeling of occasional social anxiety, kava is an excellent, alcohol-free alternative.


Why Kava Is Great For Your Evening Routine

feel free sleep enhancer

Kava may make for a great alcohol alternative, but it does have many other uses, as well. Kava for occasional anxiety is a huge one (social or otherwise). Is getting more restful sleep a big deal to you? Kava can help with that, too! Another goal people often set is improving their overall sleep routine. A kava drink shortly before bed can help put you at ease. Those feelings of calm can help lull you to sleep, which may help you get more sleep—and higher quality sleep. Getting more sleep leads to a whole host of benefits. Couple those with the benefits of using kava as an alcohol alternative, and your new year has some incredible potential! 

About Botanic Tonics 

Based in California, Botanic Tonics is redefining the kava experience. As the makers of the Feel Free Wellness Tonic, a 2-ounce beverage made with kava, their goal is to bring the magic of kava to those looking for new and exciting experiences. Kava, derived from a root grown throughout the South Pacific, is known for its calming and blissful properties. Botanic Tonics formulates their kava drink to help you get the most out of these properties. Enjoy the Feel Free Wellness Tonic to relax after a long day at work, use it as an alcohol alternative on the weekends, or drink it when you want to feel focused. Botanic Tonics’ kava drink is a versatile beverage with a long list of benefits. It’s fun, safe, and is all about helping you feel free.


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