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Incorporate a Ceremonial Atmosphere in your Daily Life

kava beverage

We set out to change the way humans connect with one another. Our brand stands behind the philosophy that you are what you consume. Clean, natural ingredients are the way we do this. We want to introduce you to a different perspective on winding down, letting-go and focusing in. The nootropic component to the all-natural ingredients we use in our botanic tonics may enhance cognitive function and provide a wholesome, euphoric effect. Some would say, similar to a personal shamanic journey or a meditation. Journeying is the art of traveling to the ‘inner worlds of the mind”. Beyond an unconscious, auto-pilot mode, there is a shift to reconnect with a more conscious mental space.  Beyond the philosophical mumbo jumbo, here is what is in our Feel Free Botanics and 3 ways to incorporate them into your daily practices. 

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Feel Free Botanic Tonic

Plant blend spotlight: Kava & other ancient plants

                 3g of Piper Methysticumor or better known as Kava (root)

Kava comes from the South Pacific Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga. Kava is a mild euphoric made from mixing the powdered root of the pepper plant with water and results in an uplifting mood and sociability, acts as an analgesic resulting in a numbing feeling around the mouth. Kava can provide occasional anti-anxiety, and sleep aid properties and it also may provide some antifungal and antibacterial enhancement. For many Fijians, kava is a link to their ancestral past and the drink itself is thought to have medicinal qualities. 

 Organic pineapple & coconut juice

When combined, this mix may provide an intense euphoric feeling that lasts about 2-3 hours. The feeling comes on gradually and is slowly incorporated as a mild sedative for a completely relaxed state. Some people say it resembles a mind strain of cannabis. It lifts you up and keeps you focused while helping to relief some stress and anxiety. 

Here are three simple ways to incorporate Feel Free benefits into your daily routine:

1.    Meditation/yoga practice

We have chosen the combination of kava & other ancient plants to support cognitive function in a way that is subtle, but significant enough to help achieve the kind of presence desired in your practice. 

2.    Happy hour with a loved one

Some people smoke the indica strain of weed to feel the “rising” buzz and focus. We designed the botanic tonic around the feeling one might be attracted to during a happy hour, wind down moment in your evening. 

3.    Connect to nature

The subtle energy and relaxation felt after drinking a feel free goes hand-in-hand with nature. These ancient ingredients were used solely in nature and we believe that there is a reason for that. So go on a hike or go surfing. Exercising outdoors increases the production of endorphins like serotonin. Serotonin neurotransmitters are mood boosters. They create the sensation often referred to as “runner's high.” Higher endorphin levels can leave you feeling calm and clear-headed.