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‘Creative minds’ a mini docu-series

feel free botanic tonics

A series that delivers a look into the different elements behind the minds of creatives in their flow. It is not to showcase or associate our brand with their art, but simply a glimpse of authenticity and creation at its purest, captured through a camera.

What does creativity have to do with a wellness tonic?

Consider the notion of ‘feel free’ as a nod to self-awareness and connection with our highest, most playful selves. Our product is more than a drink to take the edge off.  It is a feel good wellness tonic of ancient plants derived from ancient traditions, influenced by the region's flora and fauna.   

We’d like you to consider a consciousness shift when consuming our products. Not just a drink of ingredients to be ingested for a fun buzz. Feel free activates neurotransmitters in the brain to influence your metabolic, psychological system to get you to feel  relaxed, focused and energized. Closest you can get to a sort of plant-based adderall -- without the edge. Call it plant medicine, call it ancient ritual. We go back to the basics with our tonics, 3 whole plants, all natural ingredients- coconut, pineapple and kava and our secret ingredient derived from the coffee family. 

Feel Free ignites the most creative minds. Just as ceremony and ritual is enticing for us, we want to share different perspectives of mini rituals and traditions that inspire us to take on our own.  Simple as that.  

We are grateful for what mother earth provides and what she does to keep us humans alive, happy and well.