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A growing sober-curious movement is the next big trend among millennials. This is driving people to look for an alcohol alternative for social occasions. Euphorics, reishi mushroom powder, activated charcoal, adaptogens, and nootropics… what does it all mean? If you haven’t heard these buzzwords, hit the urban dictionary to stay on top of millennial trends. That is where feel free Botanic Tonics comes in as an alternative product to be consumed for all the buzz, without the booze. Health-conscious individuals are making the decision to eliminate food, drinks and activities that have negative side effects on their mind and bodies while leaving them feeling less than optimal, including alcohol. 
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Botanic Tonics has developed feel free as an alcohol alternative.  We want to pay homage to traditional plant medicines and ceremonies around the world. We do this to protect traditions and indigenous cultures, while consciously making an effort to shed light on rituals around the potent herbs in our tonics. The pure leaves and roots we use come from Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. These are all-natural and made with no additives. The ingredients are considered ancient traditional plants that are being used in the western world to tap into alternative ways of socializing, exercising and relaxing by producing a light and airy flow feeling with an energetic-based buzz. 
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If it is still hard for you to imagine what kind of box a feel free Botanic Tonic shot fits into, it’s because it doesn’t really fit in a metaphorical box. If anything, imagine colorful images pouring out of the spout, sprinkled with rainbows and magical dust. Now, if that is too abstract of a reference, the definitions below might help decipher what feel free means in a more left-brain way. Euphorics are created from a stack of balancing adaptogens (herbs that help manage stress), replenishing nootropics (compounds that support cognition), and nourishing botanics.

The Feel Free Botanic Tonic Breakdown

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Euphorics are a new category of non-alcoholic nightlife beverage crafted for conscious connection. The secret is in the stack: balancing adaptogens (herbs that help the body adapt to stress), replenishing nootropics (compounds that help enhance cognition), and nourishing botanics (plants that balance flavor and function). Stack them together and you get euphorics that lift the mind and relax the body, so we can connect more deeply with others.
Nootropics are compounds - some natural and others synthetic - that support cognition, Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea, the psychologist and chemist who coined the term, insisted that a nootropic should: support memory and ability to learn; help the brain function under intense conditions; and be virtually non-toxic. Nootropics work by targeting specific neurotransmitters in the brain, like dopamine and serotonin to produce effects. Nootropics have been historically used for the purposes of enhancing cognitive performance. 
Adaptogens are herbs that help manage stress. Used for thousands of years, adaptogens adapt to what our bodies need by balancing cortisol, the hormone our brains produce in fight-or-flight mode: when we're on a deadline, startled by a car horn, or anxious about a first date. Think of them like a thermostat, turning us up or calming us down until we reach homeostasis. 
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